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Fraud is the intentional deception of another in order to induce that person to act in such a way that the deceived person is damaged in some way. The specific legal definition varies from state to state, but under Illinois law, the plaintiff must prove the following:

  1. a false statement of material fact was made;
  2. the defendant knew that the statement was false;
  3. the defendant intended to use the false statement to induce the plaintiff to act;
  4. the plaintiff relied upon the truth of the statement; and
  5. the plaintiff suffered damages as a result of his or her reliance on the statement.

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    Illinois Intentional Tort and Personal Injury Lawyers

    Not only is fraud a criminal offense, but it is also an intentional tort which may entitle the plaintiff to monetary compensation to recover for their damages caused by the fraudulent activity. The skilled Chicago fraud attorneys at Ankin Law Offices are well-versed in intentional tort law and can help you recover for any losses you may have suffered as a result of fraud.

    Fraud can be committed in a wide variety of settings and situations, including:

    • Mortgage fraud
    • Consumer fraud
    • Insurance fraud
    • False advertising
    • Embezzlement, or the taking of money entrusted to another
    • Forgery of documents and/or signatures
    • Health fraud, such as the sale of fake medication
    • Identity theft
    • Securities fraud
    • Tax fraud
    • Investment fraud, such as Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes

    Because a civil action for fraud requires the proof of certain specific elements, it is important to consult with a knowledgeable and skilled intentional tort litigator like the attorneys at the Chicago area law firm of Ankin Law Offices. Our experienced intentional tort lawyers have years of experience upon which we can draw in order to best advise you regarding your potential claims of fraud. We have years of courtroom experience as well, so we can aggressively advocate on your behalf in order to receive a maximum recovery for your losses. Contact one of our Chicago fraud lawyers for a free consultation to discuss whether you have a cause of action.

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