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Working at Ankin Law

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What's it like to work at Ankin Law?

Two Attorneys and two legal assistants talk about what it’s like to work at Ankin Law. What they like, what they’ve learned, and what the culture is like on a day-to-day basis at the firm.

Work with the best and brightest

Ankin Law is one of the largest filers of workers’ compensation in the state of Illinois. Howard Ankin and his team of brilliant attorneys are some of the best minds in the personal injury law space. Attorneys at Ankin Law are equally adept at settling cases or winning verdicts in court. Ankin Law regularly collects awards in the six and seven figures for clients.

A clear path for growth

Ankin Law is known for promoting from within. From day one answering the phones, law clerks at Ankin Law have gone on to grow at the firm, learn new skills, complete their degrees, and become associate attorneys – even partners – at Ankin Law.

Benefits matter

It’s unusual to have your medical, dental and vision insurance paid for by your employer. But that’s how we do it here. Ankin Law staff have a choice of PTO, HMO, matching 401 K, and Employee Assistance Program, and a pre-tax option for commuters. Paid benefits are just one of the reasons to join the team. To learn more, contact our HR department.

State of the art office

Located in the heart of the loop, 10 North Dearborn is just steps from the courts at Daley Plaza. Our historic building, with huge Palladian windows, was renovated in 2016. The office is filled with modern furniture, high speed Internet and a state-of-the-art Salesforce database platform.

Portrait Howard Ankin
Howard Ankin

Interested in working for Ankin Law?

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I’m surrounded by talent. Questions about case law, statutes and trial experience are easily answered. And doors are always open.

Working at Ankin Law goes beyond legal service. We are members of the community. From volunteering at Lakeview Pantry, to handing out masks and hand sanitizer at union halls, we try to help.

Ankin likes to promote from within. If Howard sees something in you he’ll invest in you. You’ll learn and grow here.

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Birthdays are a big deal at Ankin Law

Everyone deserves to have a special day. And several years ago, our receptionist took it upon himself to make sure that is the case for everyone here when it comes to birthdays. Whether you’ve been at Ankin Law for 20 years or two weeks, Ulises speaks to coworkers, gleans some background about tastes and styles, and then picks up the cake and decorations.

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2022 law clerks look back on their summer

Whether scheduling, working on bill specials, taking notes during a deposition, or witnessing a trial at the Daley Center, our 2022 law clerks packed a lot into their summer. Here, they look back on their time at the firm, what they learned, and what stood out.