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Types of Mass Torts

Mass torts are a type of personal injury lawsuit. In most cases, these suits arise from a single act of wrongdoing or negligence that causes widespread damages. Mass torts often involve plaintiffs who live in different legal jurisdictions. Most mass torts are one of the following:

Toxic Torts – Injuries and deaths caused by exposure to toxic substances such as asbestos, pesticides, diesel fuels or other polluting materials.

Disaster Torts – Injuries and deaths caused by large scale events such as bridge collapses, aviation accidents, chemical spills and train accidents.

Dangerous or Defective Products – injuries and deaths caused by a dangerous or defective products such as unsafe pharmaceuticals, faulty medical devices or automobile defects.

Mass torts cases are challenging in part because of the number of plaintiffs and the potential for future plaintiffs to emerge. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a large-scale accident or as the result of widespread negligence, contact us at Ankin Law Office. Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to handle both class action and mass torts cases.

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Illinois Mass Torts & Class Action Attorneys

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Class action lawsuits come in many different types. Some are more commonly seen than others, however. Some of the most common ones include.

Unsafe pharmaceutical cases, which fall under product liability, are among the most commonly known type of class action lawsuit. Drug companies often face suits for misinforming the public about a drug or for injuries or deaths attributable to a drug.

Mass Torts and Class Action Lawsuits

Mass torts are similar to class action lawsuits yet not exactly the same. In class action lawsuits, a single suit is filed on behalf of a group of “similarly situated” plaintiffs. Class action plaintiffs sign away their rights to individual lawsuits when they join the class. With mass torts, multiple similar cases are combined into a single trial, but each case is treated individually. The benefit of mass tort lawsuits is that plaintiffs can save time and money by pooling legal resources.

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