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Many accident victims want to know—does health insurance cover car accident injuries? Most health insurance plans cover medical bills for injuries sustained in vehicle accidents, but restrictions will apply according to individual policy provisions and limits. Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries? Generally, health insurance policies cover medical expenses for car accident injuries, but

Anyone who is a victim of a negligent driver accident should consider their options about how to recover damages from the responsible driver. A car accident lawyer can help victims understand how to move forward with a claim. What Is Negligent Driving? A driver has a duty to practice reasonable care when operating a vehicle.

When car accident victims are seeking to settle with an insurance company, they may ask, “How do insurance companies calculate settlements?” A car accident attorney can help accident victims understand the process. How do Insurance Companies Calculate Settlements? Insurance companies do not have one precise method for calculating settlement offers that is applied to every

Did You Know?
  • If you are injured at work you may be able to recover compensation through a workers’ compensation claim as well as by filing a personal injury claim against responsible third parties.
  • A signed liability waiver may not be enough to bar your personal injury claim if willful acts or negligence caused your injuries.
  • Some SSDI claims qualify for expedited processing, allowing claimants to obtain approval in a matter of days or weeks.

Car accident victims may find filing a car accident insurance claim hard to navigate. A car accident lawyer can help victims understand the car accident insurance claims – dos and don’ts to help them gather the necessary evidence to garner a good settlement offer. Car Accident Insurance Claims – Dos and Don’ts The Do’s Car

Car crash reconstruction is commonly performed using advanced technology, collision simulation software, and physical evidence to determine what caused a motor vehicle accident. Reconstruction evaluates pre-impact circumstances and post-impact data to determine who is at fault for the accident and any injuries that result from the crash. Without thorough investigation and reconstruction, it would be

What is the most common cause of car accidents? It is increasingly becoming a toss up between drunk driving vs distracted driving. A car accident lawyer can help accident victims no matter the cause. Drunk Driving vs Distracted Driving – What Is More Common? You’re driving down a street on your way home from an

Car accident victims in a no fault insurance state may need help understanding their rights and how to recover damages to pay for vehicle repairs, medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. A car accident lawyer can help victims understand their insurance policy, their rights, and how they should move forward with an insurance claim.

Accidents in parking lots are very common. However, liability in a parking lot accident can be very difficult to determine. A parking lot accident lawyer can help accident victims determine which driver is at fault and how to recover damages. Parking Lot Accidents The National Safety Council estimates that there are more than 50,000 parking

Truck accidents can result in severe injuries for the victims involved. They often incur large medical bills and may also need to seek damages for lost wages and pain and suffering. When multiple parties were involved in a crash, victims may need the help of an attorney to determine the truck accident liability and who