Who Qualifies for the Paraquat Lawsuit in Illinois?

Who qualifies for the paraquat lawsuit depends on the impact on the exposed victim’s life. People in Illinois who have endured exposure to or used Paraquat and have officially received a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease may be able to file a claim as part of the Paraquat class action lawsuit.

What Is Paraquat?

Paraquat dichloride (Paraquat) is a type of herbicide that many people use to kill different types of unwanted plant growths, including weeds. It works by spraying the substance on plants, killing them in the process.

What Is Paraquat Used for?

Professionals often use Paraquat as an effective weed killer in many environments, making it one of the most popular herbicides on the market. Only professionals like commercial farmers have authorization to use this chemical, as it’s under the “restricted use” label in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements.

Possible Paraquat Side Effects

Paraquat contains chemicals that are toxic to people as much as they are plants, which is largely why the EPA has put it in the “restricted use” category of herbicides. As a result, exposure to this herbicide could lead to serious conditions in people.

Paraquat exposure can lead to various motor symptoms that may indicate Parkinson’s Disease. Some of the specific symptoms that people could experience include:

  • Tremors
  • Muscle cramps
  • Stiffness
  • Dizziness and falls
  • Slower movement
  • Freezing in place

If you experience any of these symptoms, they could be a sign of Parkinson’s Disease. If you receive this diagnosis, you may be able to seek compensation from the manufacturers of Paraquat, who are the subjects of recent multidistrict litigation (MDL) lawsuits.

Accused Paraquat Manufacturers

There are multiple defendants in the latest MDL cases resulting from Paraquat exposure. The primary defendant in these cases is Swiss agrochemical company Syngenta, which is the main manufacturer of Paraquat. Another defendant in this case is Chevron Phillips, which produces and distributes Gramoxone, which is an herbicide that contains Paraquat.

There are also many other potential defendants in these cases who manufacture products containing Paraquat. Some of these products include:

  • Devour
  • Bonedry
  • Ortho-Paraquat
  • Blanco
  • Firestorm
  • Helmquat 3SL

Who Is Eligible to File a Paraquat Lawsuit in Illinois?

If you want to file a Paraquat claim in Illinois, you may be able to do so if you either used or sustained exposure to Paraquat and have received a formal diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease.

Development of Specific Health Conditions

Parkinson’s Disease is the main condition that’s involved in the recent Paraquat lawsuits. Recent scientific research has linked Paraquat exposure to Parkinson’s Disease, which is a type of neurological condition involving the death of brain cells responsible for motor control.

If a person ingests Paraquat, the results are often fatal, but long-term health effects could result long after initial exposure. For example, some people could sustain lung damage, while others may suffer heart failure, kidney failure, or esophageal strictures that lead to difficulty swallowing.

If you experience any symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, including stiffness, tremors, or muscle spasms, and you believe Paraquat exposure could be the cause, consult a doctor. A medical professional could provide you with a clear diagnosis, begin treatment, and provide medical documentation that could help prove that exposure to Paraquat led to your condition.

Burden of Proof in Paraquat Lawsuits

If you want to file a Paraquat lawsuit, you will need to prove that the manufacturers or distributors of this product or products containing Paraquat committed wrongdoing to cause Parkinson’s Disease or another condition.

Proving negligence in these cases is often challenging, especially when large manufacturers like Syngenta work hard to protect their reputations in these cases. To maximize your chances of success with a lawsuit and recover total compensation, it’s best to work with an experienced mass torts lawyer to help handle your case.

Available Compensation for Plaintiffs

You might wonder what are the advantages of a mass tort for plaintiffs in Paraquat claims. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover different types of compensation for the damages sustained because of your exposure to Paraquat. The damages will vary from case to case, which can greatly affect the amount of compensation you’re able to recover. An attorney can help calculate these damages and determine the total settlement amount you may pursue in a claim or lawsuit.

Economic Damages

One of the main types of damages that plaintiffs may recover in Paraquat lawsuits is economic, which accounts for the specific financial losses that plaintiffs endure because of Paraquat exposure and their medical conditions.

In these cases, economic damages would largely come in the form of medical expenses for treating Parkinson’s Disease. This condition is highly progressive and incapacitates people who suffer from it, which can lead to significant medical costs for victims and their families.

Economic damages in a Paraquat lawsuit would help account for these and other expenses, including accommodations made to homes or vehicles for individuals with poor motor control.

Non-economic Damages

In addition to economic damages, plaintiffs in these cases may also sue for non-economic damages. These damages apply to individuals’ personal pain and suffering resulting from the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. Many victims of this condition experience different degrees of physical pain and psychological distress, including anxiety and depression. Many victims also experience a loss of enjoyment of life, and some may suffer loss of consortium if they are unable to maintain relationships with their partners.

While it’s harder to quantify non-economic damages, attorneys and courts use certain methods to calculate these and count them toward settlement amounts.

An attorney can answer even more questions about these cases, including, What is the difference between mass tort and class action lawsuits? He or she would also be able to help determine if you qualify for a Paraquat lawsuit based on your condition and exposure to this substance. If the attorney chooses to provide representation, he or she could also guide you through the legal process and determine what kind of compensation you’re able to seek in a Paraquat claim.

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