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When injured on the job as an employee, you will rely on workers’ compensation insurance to cover damages, such as your medical bills. However, the insurance company may not make this process easy for you. It may use several workers’ comp delay tactics to deny or reduce your claim. These tactics include a lack of communication,

Taking the right steps with the help of a workers’ compensation claim checklist may help you successfully recover compensation after sustaining a work injury. Here, you’ll learn about the process and what you can expect when filing a claim with workers’ comp insurance companies. What Types of Workers’ Comp Benefits Can You Recover? If you

Across the U.S., Amazon warehouses are putting workers at risk of injuries in the workplace. These warehouses comprise fulfillment centers that ship and receive goods, pack and unpack them, and serve other purposes in Amazon’s global operations. As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon has set up many warehouses across the country, and workers have complained

Did You Know?
  • If you are injured at work you may be able to recover compensation through a workers’ compensation claim as well as by filing a personal injury claim against responsible third parties.
  • A signed liability waiver may not be enough to bar your personal injury claim if willful acts or negligence caused your injuries.
  • Some SSDI claims qualify for expedited processing, allowing claimants to obtain approval in a matter of days or weeks.

If you or a family member has been injured at work and need a caregiver, you may be asking, “will workers’ comp pay for a caregiver?” If a treating physician deems it necessary and related to a work injury, workers’ compensation will pay for a caregiver. When a person cannot perform usual daily living activities,

The value of a workers’ compensation claim for disfigurement depends on the location and extent of the injury. The impact of the disfigurement on your ability to perform everyday activities is also a crucial consideration. Any scar or deformity that hurts your appearance or reduces bodily functions qualifies as a disfigurement. A workers’ compensation lawyer can

If you are a veteran who suffers psychologically because of a traumatic event and meets certain criteria, you may qualify for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) disability benefits. Knowing what qualifies a veteran for PTSD disability benefits can help you determine if applying for benefits is right for you. What Qualifies a Veteran for PTSD Disability

If you sustain a head injury at work, you may be able to recover hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation. The specific amount of compensation you can recover will depend on the nature of the injury and certain other factors. Can You File a Claim to Recover from a Head Injury at Work? In