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Victims of paraquat poisoning may be able to recover compensation in a paraquat class action lawsuit. Mounting evidence suggests that there is a link between the widely used, toxic herbicide paraquat and conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. Although manufacturers of the weed killer were allegedly aware of the health risks, they failed to warn users.

Patients may be able to recover compensation in the NP thyroid recall lawsuit. The recall includes multiple strengths of Acella Pharmaceuticals’s medication used to treat hypothyroidism, NP Thyroid. Hypothyroidism is where the patient’s thyroid is underactive. Lab tests and patient reports reveal that the recalled medication does not have sufficient amounts of the medication to

Military veterans and active service members filed a class action lawsuit against 3M earplugs company. Military service members experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus, loss of balance, and auditory processing disorders may be entitled to compensation in the 3M hearing loss class action lawsuit. A Chicago army earplug lawyer may help military service members determine if their

Did You Know?
  • If you are injured at work you may be able to recover compensation through a workers’ compensation claim as well as by filing a personal injury claim against responsible third parties.
  • A signed liability waiver may not be enough to bar your personal injury claim if willful acts or negligence caused your injuries.
  • Some SSDI claims qualify for expedited processing, allowing claimants to obtain approval in a matter of days or weeks.

The law requires that restaurant owners take measures to reduce the likelihood that a customer will slip and fall in a restaurant. A slip and fall in a restaurant can cause an array of injuries, such as broken or fractured bones, traumatic brain injuries, or lacerations. Victims of slip and fall accidents in restaurants may

After an accident, you may be wondering what to do if you slip and fall in a store. You may have a negligence or premises liability claim against the store. A slip and fall at the store can lead to severe injuries, such as broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, or lacerations. Crowded stores, icy parking

Contingency fees for lawyers in a personal injury case mean the lawyer only receives compensation for his/her legal services if there’s a successful outcome for the client. Lawyers that work on contingency fee basis tend to include personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys. In those cases, the client is already hurting physically and financially, this

Snow and ice are just a way of life during winter in Chicago. Snow and ice can swallow sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and roadways, leaving many to wonder: can you sue for slipping on ice? Under the theory of premises liability, property owners and managers are required to keep their property safe and free from hazards. The

Slip and fall accident statistics provide you with insights into how to protect yourself. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of understanding your legal rights. Depending on the circumstances of your case, different types of laws may (or may not) protect you. Talking with a slip and fall attorney is a good way to make sure

Victims of violence at the hands of the cops may be able to pursue compensation by filing a Chicago police lawsuit. In police negligence cases, the plaintiff (or victim) must prove that the police breached their duty of care and caused plaintiff’s injuries. Chicago police injury attorneys may help you understand your legal rights and