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Medication errors caused by medical negligence can result in serious health conditions that lead to life-threatening injuries, and even death. Medication errors made by doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals may constitute a medication error lawsuit through a legal process filed by a medical malpractice lawyer in civil court. Injuries Caused by Prescription and Medication

If complications develop from too much anesthesia, a bad reaction, or another issue, you may be able to sue medical professionals for malpractice under certain circumstances. Before you decide to sue for anesthesia complications, it’s important to understand the different types of errors and what to expect with the legal process. The Different Types of

The top 3 reasons to sue a dentist for malpractice include issues with extractions, endodontic procedures, and dental implants. In addition, there are other types of dental malpractice that may warrant a lawsuit against a dentist. Knowing more about the different types of dental malpractice and how they occur can help you determine whether you

Did You Know?
  • If you are injured at work you may be able to recover compensation through a workers’ compensation claim as well as by filing a personal injury claim against responsible third parties.
  • A signed liability waiver may not be enough to bar your personal injury claim if willful acts or negligence caused your injuries.
  • Some SSDI claims qualify for expedited processing, allowing claimants to obtain approval in a matter of days or weeks.

Multiple studies have linked chlorpyrifos to brain damage in developing fetuses. You might be eligible for compensation if you suffered prolonged chlorpyrifos exposure and eventually gave birth to a child with birth defects. A chlorpyrifos birth injury lawyer can investigate your claim and obtain enough evidence to prove it. You are more likely to recover

Hiring the right wrongful death lawyer is one of the most important steps in a wrongful death lawsuit. Your lawyer guides you through other steps of filing a successful wrongful death lawsuit. These steps include investigating the death, determining the potentially liable party (or parties), and gathering the required evidence and documentation. Your lawyer initiates

If you or your loved one were injured by a doctor or other healthcare professional, you may need to learn how to prove medical malpractice. Malpractice can cause serious injuries, illness, or other harm, and comes in many forms. You may even develop permanent conditions and have a decrease in quality of life.   There are some common

To prove a breach of confidentiality in the medical field, you have to show that the medical professional you’re accusing had a duty to provide care, the professional breached that duty by violating doctor-patient confidentiality, and the breach resulted in damages. Anything your doctor shares without your consent can be a breach of confidentiality unless

The 4 D’s of medical negligence includes duty, dereliction to or deviation from duty, damages, and direct cause. Understanding these may help you determine whether negligence led to an injury in medical care. If a negligent medical professional caused your injuries, you may be able to recover compensation in a medical malpractice case. The 4