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Ankin Law Marks Five Years of Partnership with PrintReleaf

Ankin Law Marks Five Years of Partnership with PrintReleaf

For law firms, paper consumption adds up quickly. Paper use comes from our earth’s forest. Ankin Law is one of many law firms that have chosen to do something about controlling paper usage.We are celebrating five years of partnership with PrintReleaf, an organization that helps neutralize the impact we have on the environment every time we print a sheet of paper.

PrintReleaf was founded in 2011 with the goal of reforesting the planet and minimizing the environmental impact of the global paper industry. The organization plants trees around the world, and the amount is based on printing usage. At Ankin Law, while printing is a necessary part of our business, we also realized the impact it has on the environment. We are doing something about it.

We decided to work with PrintReleaf, so we could make a difference. PrintReleaf tracks the amount of paper that we use for our printing needs right down to the sheet. It then calculates the number of trees that were used for our printing needs. We will fund the planting of trees around the world to replace the ones that we used for our printing. We pick the project that we want to support in different countries around the world.

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While Ankin Law is working on reducing our footprint by printing less, our partnership with PrintReleaf ensures that we are responsible environmental stewards. We believe that we need to do this for the next generation.

Jodi Eisenstadt, HR Director/Office Manager at Ankin Law noted, “We are always encouraging each other to print less, scan more, and send files via email instead of paper. Despite our best efforts, we still print more than we would like. I know our staff will be delighted to learn that in the past 5 years, Ankin Law has reforested 539 standard trees through our partnership with PrintReleaf.”

We are committed to helping build a better world. In the past five years, Ankin Law has been responsible for planting trees around the globe, supporting projects in countries like Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Madagascar. This is the equivalent of an entire acre of trees. We believe in this venture, and we are committed to it for the future and look forward to many more years of working with PrintReleaf.

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