Hazardous Children’s Products


Fewer children’s product recalls in 2012, but more child injuries and deaths.

Chicago, IL, May 26, 2013 – In 2012, injures related to children’s products were up 42 percent and deaths rose by 200 percent, according to KID, a Chicago non-profit group dedicated to improving children’s product safety.

Chicago consumer safety group Kids in Danger (KID), compiles a children’s product hazard report annually. The organization’s most recent report, “Safe Sleep, Safe Play: Children’s Product Recalls in 2012,” was released in February 2013.

According to that report, recalls of children’s products declined in 2012 to 97, 20 percent lower than recalls in 2011 and the lowest number seen since 2004. However, incidents related to children’s products rose in 2012 by 49 percent, injuries were up by 42 percent and deaths increased by a startling 200 percent over those reported in the previous year.

A total of 2,525 incidents with children’s products were reported in 2012 prior to the recall of those products. Eight children and one adult died in accidents involving recalled infant recliners, crib tents, travel beds, strollers and an inflatable water slide. Injuries sustained with the use of these products before recalls occurred totaled 232. One product, the Flexible Flyer Swing Set, was involved in 1,232 reported incidents before a recall alerted consumers to its dangers.

Of the 97 children’s products recalled in 2012, nearly a third were nursery products bought for use with infants and toddlers. Strollers made up 23 percent of nursery product recalls, with reasons cited for recalls including risk of falls, entrapment, lacerations and amputation. High chairs and childproofing devices were also high on the list.

Children’s clothing ran a close second to nursery products in terms of recall rates, accounting for 23 percent of total children’s product recalls. Among the issues prompting recalls were strangulation hazards posed by drawstrings, failure to meet federal flammability standards and detachable buttons or snaps that presented choking hazards.

Items categorized as outdoor and sports category made up 18 percent of total recalls, including trampolines, swings, bicycles and slides. The toys category accounted for anther 18 percent of recalls, with products that include rattles and toys with small pieces pulled from the market due to choking hazards.

While the number of children’s products recalls decreased overall, too many manufacturers are placing children at risk by disregarding established industry safety standards. Millions of families purchased those 97 dangerous products that did reach the marketplace, and many paid a steep price in terms of child injuries and, in some cases, deaths.

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