Tesla Crash Raises Questions About Accident Liability

Federal investigators revealed that a fatal accident involving a Tesla self-driving vehicle and a semi-truck occurred while the Tesla was under computer control. The fatal accident happened in... Read More

Employees Denied Workers Compensation Entitled to an Appeal

Workers' compensation claims are denied for reasons ranging from insufficient documentation to questions about the validity of the claim. A Chicago workers' comp attorney can help prepare and pursue an appeal of the denial. Common Reasons that Claims are Denied Injury is not reported on time (In Illinois it must be reported within 45 days of the injury) Claim is not...
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Illinois Health Club Injuries

Health club injuries can range from minor sprains and pulled muscles to serious slip and fall injuries. With exercise equipment and heavy lifting, health club injuries are common, so most Illinois clubs have liability waivers in their contracts to protect against potential lawsuits with a Chicago injury lawyer. Thousands of people are hurt each year in gyms and health clubs...
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Accidental Shootings On The Rise In Chicago

Accidental gun violence is becoming an epidemic in the United States, leading to more than 7700 injuries between 2001 and 2010. Victims of accidental gunshots may pursue compensation for their injuries with the help of an accident lawyer. Gun owners are exposed to liability in three ways. Failure To Secure The Weapon Illinois gun laws make it a crime for a gun owner to...
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Jet Bridges Can Be a Gateway to a Serious Injury

Jet bridges provide a gateway to the world that millions of people every day walk across. While these seemingly innocuous pieces of machinery appear safe, they are in fact some of the most dangerous places travelers or airline workers will traverse in the course of their journey. These jet bridges pose a very real danger of serious injury or death. The bridge and the stairs...
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Social Security Disabilty Insurance Helping More Americans

Eased restrictions and increased classifications within the SSDI program are making it possible for more Americans to receive the benefits they need to survive. Since changes were made in the early 1980's, the program has expanded to include a number of disabling conditions that make it difficult for workers to stay in the workplace. It is estimated that just over 1 in 4...
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The Most Dangerous Days for DUI Crashes

Although a DUI crash can occur at anytime, some days of the year are riskier than others. Major spikes in the number of DUI crashes are seen during times of celebration; mainly surrounding holidays and during the summer months when an increased number of drivers take the wheel. By understanding which times of the year are riskiest, motorists can reduce their chances of...
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Meatpacking – The Hidden Dangers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has called meatpacking the most dangerous industry in the country, resulting in illnesses and injuries to over 40,000 workers each year. With such a high risk of illness and injury to workers, a workers compensation attorney is often required to handle legal issues concerning medical expenses and lost wages....
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Why Do Trucks Crash?

Understanding why truck accidents occur is key to preventing future accidents. Motor vehicle accidents are complex, and they typically involve two or more vehicles. There are many factors that can influence an accident, including driver training and experience, highway conditions, weather, fatigue, and speeding. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the...
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School Bus Safety A Priority As School Begins

School bus safety will once again be a priority as summer draws to a close. Strict laws involving buses help protect Illinois children. Penalties for breaking these laws can be steep. Accidents involving school buses may involve injury or even death. An injury attorney Chicago can provide information for seeking compensation when a careless driver causes an accident. Going...
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