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Whistleblower actions are lawsuits filed on behalf of the government by private citizens. If you discover wrongdoing in the workplace, usually involving fraud against the government, there are several laws that allow you to “blow the whistle” on your employer.

These cases are known as qui tam lawsuits.

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    Whistleblower Laws in Illinois

    The two most applicable laws governing whistleblower actions in Illinois are the federal False Claims Act and the Illinois Whistleblower Reward and Protection Act. Depending on what type of fraud your employer is engaged in, you can file either a state or federal case. The intention of these laws is to provide an incentive for ordinary citizens to assist the government in prosecuting fraud. Whistleblower laws provide certain protections for those who file qui tam suits.

    Types of Whistleblower Lawsuits

    With the exception of tax fraud, almost any types of fraudulent behavior against the government can be pursued through a whistleblower lawsuit. These suits can be class action lawsuits. Common types include:

    • Bribing government officials
    • Health care fraud
    • Falsifying records to meet compliance standards
    • Overcharging for goods and services

    If you believe your company is defrauding the Illinois or federal government our attorneys at Ankin Law Office can help get your case started. If you have already been punished for speaking up, you may have an employment lawsuit as well. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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