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ITLA Event Organized by Ankin Law

ITLA Event Organized by Ankin Law Office

An Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) Workers Compensation seminar held on October 16, 2019 was organized by Ankin Law. The event, titled “The future of Workers Compensation in Illinois” featured the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives, Mike Madigan and 113th District Representative, Jay Hoffman.

The Illinois Trial Lawyers Association is a statewide organization whose members specialize in representing injured consumers and workers. Founded in 1952, the organization has more than 2,000 members.

participants eagerly listening at the ITLA Event Organized by Ankin Law Office

The members of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association fight to ensure all citizens get equal footing in the courtroom, even when taking on the most powerful interests. They see to it that those who harm consumers, other individuals, or even their own employees, are held accountable.

The ITLA fights for the Constitutional system of checks and balances. Large, deep‐pocket insurance companies and other special interests increasingly dominate the political process. When these entities act irresponsibly by producing unsafe products, by polluting the environment, or by swindling their employees to pad their profits, Americans rely on the courts to hold them accountable. The ITLA ensures all citizens can get fair treatment in the courtroom, even when taking on the most powerful interests. No entity, government official or business should be permitted to use its power – however massive – to infringe upon the right of citizens to have their day in court.

The principles of ITLA:

-Strive to achieve and maintain high standards of professional ethics, competency and demeanor in the bench and bar;
-Fight to uphold the Constitutions of the United States of America and the State of Illinois;
-Secure and protect the rights of those injured in their persons or civil rights;
-Defend trial by jury and the adversarial system of justice;
-Promote fair, prompt and efficient administration of justice;
-Educate and train in the art of advocacy.

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