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Increasing the Likelihood of a Successful Social Security Disability Application

Written by Ankin Law Office

Before applying for social security disability benefits – whether Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) – there are several things to consider and certain actions you can take to increase the likelihood of receiving social security disability benefits.

  1. You can greatly increase the likelihood of receiving social security disability benefits by submitting a complete and thorough application, including sufficient information regarding medical treatment.  A comprehensive social security disability application should include the names of all treating physicians, the names and addresses of all hospitals and clinics where you have received treatment, and the dates on which you received treatment.  Because the success of your claim depends largely on an evaluation of your medical records, it is important that the Social Security Administration and any reviewing Administrative Law Judge have access to all medical information.
  2. You can also support your application by continuing to seek medical treatment because disability examiners must have access to recent medical information.
  3. Detailed statements from your treating physician regarding the ways that your medical condition prevents you from working can provide substantial support for your social security disability application.  Statements from any treating physicians should focus on your functional limitations.
  4. Consult with a skilled social security disability attorney.  A knowledgeable Illinois social security disability attorney like those at Ankin Law Offices, LLC can explain the claim process to you and assist with the preparation of your disability application.   An experienced social security disability attorney can also represent you at your disability hearing and help you through the appeals process, if necessary.
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