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Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law Turns 110

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Law Turns 110

At the turn of the last century, a series of large-scale accidents had taken place across the country during the Progressive Era including the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York.

In Illinois, poor working conditions in the Chicago stock yards, meat packing plants, and ultimately
The Cherry Illinois Coal Mine Fire, led to the “Workman’s Compensation Law” of 1911.

Illinois Republican Senator and union bricklayer James Henson, introduced Senate Bill 283 which later became Enrolled Law 16353. Illinois was the second state in the union to pass a workers’ compensation law behind Wisconsin.

Today, we still fight for the rights of injured workers. Our clients frequently tell us how they were hurt at work and sent to a contractually obligated medical clinic for treatment. They often aren’t treated properly and are told to go back to work anyway often in pain. Many people don’t realize they have the right to select their own doctor. This is why it is imperative to know your rights and to hire an attorney to be your advocate. Workers’ compensation attorneys know the rights of the injured worker and keep up with the ever changing laws governing worker rights.

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Just as workers’ compensation laws have evolved, Ankin Law has evolved as well. Howard Ankin, owner and partner explains,

“As a young lawyer my concern was learning workers’ compensation law and the practicalities of how the system worked.  Over time my focus became how to get the benefits to my client’s faster and how to cut through all the red-tape.  Today, I use my 30 years of knowledge to create law and a legal system advantageous to the rights of injured workers.”

Ankin Law is a leading filer of workers’ compensation and injury claims in Illinois. We have always been proud to provide a voice for injured workers who are entitled to benefits under the law. “Today, I feel my law office is the top worker’s compensation firm in the State.”, says Ankin.

Happy birthday to workers’ compensation.

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