Howard Ankin’s Settlement Contract Video Spotlighted by ISBA

The Illinois State Bar Association has chosen to spotlight Howard Ankin in its June 4, 2019 edition of The Bar News.

The ISBA will be promoting the video,”How to Prepare Workers’ Compensation Settlement Contracts” on its biweekly news blast and on social media. With over 26 years working on behalf of injured workers and petitioners in Chicago, Mr Ankin is able to offer valuable information to workers compensation lawyers with a wide range of experience. He has seen the recent evolution of workers comp law and is often asked to speak to workers groups as well as fellow lawyers on a wide range of work injury law topics.

The video will appear in the “Quick Takes for Your Practice” section of the publication, a video collection focusing on educating law practitioners. In the video Mr. Ankin lends his experience to the process of getting a settlement contract ready for an arbitrator.

Some of his advice includes:

  • Locating the settlement contract, or pink sheet, on the workers compensation law website.
  • The important language to include in a contract.
  • What to watch for while preparing the contract.
  • How to deal with medical bills when preparing a contract.
  • Rules regarding clients who are on Medicare.
  • The importance of being aware of the workers compensation law changes of 2011 and how they affect the pink sheet.
  • The pink sheet may require information that a company generated form may not.
  • The intricacies of the pink sheet and what to know about arbitrator expectations.
  • The importance of considering the issue of future medical expenses for a seriously injured client.

How to Prepare Workers’ Compensation Settlement Contracts is one of many videos Ankin Law has undertaken for the ISBA. Some others include:

How to evaluate permanency in a workers compensation case.

How to determine venue in a workers’ compensation case.

What you should know about the 8d1 differential in workers compensation claims.

Section 5B of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Who pays for my lost time if I’m injured at work?

Who pays for my permanent problems if I’m injured at work?

What if I can’t return to the same type of work after I’m injured?

Who pays for my medical bills if I’m injured at work?

Chicago personal injury and workers’ compensation attorney Howard Ankin has a passion for justice and a relentless commitment to defending injured victims throughout the Chicagoland area. With decades of experience achieving justice on behalf of the people of Chicago, Howard has earned a reputation as a proven leader in and out of the courtroom. Respected by peers and clients alike, Howard’s multifaceted approach to the law and empathetic nature have secured him a spot as an influential figure in the Illinois legal system.

Years of Experience: More than 30 years
Illinois Registration Status: Active
Bar & Court Admissions: Illinois State Bar Association, U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, U.S. District Court, Central District of Illinois
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