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Howard Ankin Appears on WGN News May 17 2016

WGN9 News

Howard Ankin appeared on the May 17, 2016 broadcast of the WGN Morning News program.

Interviewer: Well I’m sure you recognize my friend, attorney Howard Ankin. Knowing a right injury lawyer for a car accident, work injury, the negligence of a bad doctor, or drug can change your life. Maybe you get hit in the scalp by a flying projectile. Maybe the mini choo-choo at the mall unexpectedly derails and it takes you down between Hickory Farms and Claire’s Boutique. Maybe a little leaguer forgot the pint-tire and is flying Louville slugger, find your snug and anything can happen. Well in the event of any such misfortune, you’re gonna want the best injury lawyer there is, and that man is this man, attorney Howard Ankin, right? How are you Howard?

Ankin: I’m very good.

Interviewer: None of that would really happen, right?

Ankin: Na, probably not, but if you have a real injury case, please give me a call. Injury law made personal, that’s Ankin Law, 312-667-3446.

Interviewer: And I love that, six million. Lock it in, 312- 6 million, right?

Ankin: That’s absolutely, 3-1-2-6 million. If you have an injury case, we’re here to give you a free consultation. Give me a call, let me see how I can help you.

Interviewer: One more time, 3-1-2, together now […] 6 million. Call for a free consultation. Or you can go online at

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