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Father/Son Lawyers Bond

Father Son Lawyers Bond

Toy soldiers unite father-son team

By Jerry Crimmins

Law Bulletin staff writer

One of Howard H. Ankin’s earliest memories, from age 4, is the toy soldiers that he got from his father.

They were “dime-store lead soldiers” from the 1930s. ‘40s and ‘50s that his father, Paul, began buying for the son in the 1960s while Paul B. Ankin was in the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corp at the base at Presidio in San Francisco.

After that, collecting toy soldiers “became and activity I did with my dad,” Howard Ankin said.

“I would go with my dad and go to an antique show. This collection gave me something more to look for. … I was going in because I was looking to see if they had soldiers.”

When he was 4. Howard Ankin had 10 to 15 toy soldiers. “By age 10, I had maybe 50. When I graduated from high school, a couple hundred.”

Today. Howard said he has hundreds, perhaps a few thousand. The father and son still collect toy soldiers and other figurines.

They are also lawyers in the Ankin Law Offices. 162 W. Grand Ave. The firm focuses on workers’ compensation and plaintiff personal-injury matters.

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