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Every Case is Injury Law Made Personal: A Message from Howard Ankin

Howard Ankin

“Every case is unique.

We’ll settle or go to

court if need be to

get our clients the

compensation they


    – Attorney Howard Ankin

I’m proud of the way we go about approaching each and every case at Ankin Law. We’re large yet nimble. Our 70-plus member team allows us to respond to any situation. For example, if a client is injured in a fall due to a collapsed loading dock we not only handle the workers’ compensation case, we bring suit against the company that built the dock for faulty construction.

We depose whomever we need to speak to and bring in expert witnesses when needed. We call these dual cases and with a strong team of personal injury and workers’ compensation attorneys, we’ve become very good at handling them.

Today, with more people working from home we see workers’ compensation applied to the home office and are currently handling several of these cases at the firm. Work environments have evolved, along with the way injury law is applied. Ankin Law has been at the front of the line in representing these injured workers.

In order to be successful, we must be nimble

I’m often asked if is it better to settle a case or go to trial. We look for every opportunity to get our clients the compensation they deserve. If that means settling the case with the insurance company for the policy limit, we may recommend this to the client. Sometimes the amount offered by insurance companies is just too low to compensate clients for physical and mental injuries and we insist on going to trial. All of these matters are personal. That’s why Ankin Law is injury law made personal.

If you’ve been injured call Ankin Law at 312-600-0000.

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