Attorney Telly Liapis Settles Pedestrian Accident for 1.4MM

Attorney Telly Liapsis and client Allen

On Sunday, August 15, 2020, Allen M had no idea his life would change forever. On this day, Allen was walking his dog on a residential street in Will County Illinois just one block from his home, when he was struck by a car and suffered catastrophic injuries. He survived the accident but was transferred from the ER near his home to Loyola Medical Center in Chicago for emergency surgery. Many months of rehab followed and today Allen is confined to a wheelchair. The driver’s insurance company offered Allen $525,000 to settle his case.  Despite his need for money to help with his daily expenses, Attorney Liapis advised Allen to reject the offer and take the insurance company to Court.  Allen agreed with the firm’s recommendation which ultimately was the best decision he made in his case. Less than six months into the litigation, the insurance company agreed to pay Allen 1.4 million to settle his case.

“It’s important to know when to go to court
and when to settle a case. My client’s injuries were
life altering so taking the insurance company to court
wasn’t just an option, it was what we needed to do to
get Allen the compensation he deserved.”

– Attorney Telly Liapis

Attorney Telly Liapis

Attorney Telly Liapis is a partner at Ankin Law. Ankin Law handles personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, and mass tort cases and is a leading filer of workers’ compensation and personal injury cases in the State of Illinois. Ankin Law has over 70 attorneys and staff and is based in Chicago. 2022 marks the firm’s 25th Anniversary.

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