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Private Plane Accident Attorney

Private airplanes are used for recreational, business, personal, instructional and other uses. Fortunately, private planes accidents have decreased in recent years, but personal aviation still presents a risky mode of transportation.

According to statistics presented in a 2006 USA Today article, private plane accidents have approximately 1.3 accidents per 100,000 flight hours, whereas commercial airlines have only one fatal accident per 10 million flight hours, making private aviation an incredibly dangerous mode of transportation.

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    Causes of Private Plane Accidents

    Like other types of aviation accidents, private plane crashes can be caused by a number of reasons, with the most common causes being:

    • Pilot Error: Pilots with 100 hours or less flying time in a specific aircraft model account for 45% of the fatal crashes and loss of control triggers one-third of fatal private plane crashes.
    • Equipment malfunction
    • Design flaws
    • Air traffic controller negligence
    • Improper maintenance
    • Violation of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations
    • Poor weather conditions

    Consequences of Private Plane Crashes

    • Death
    • Physical injuries: The most common physical injuries following a plane crash are concussions, spinal injuries, lung damage from smoke inhalation and burn injuries.
    • Mental health injuries: Victims of plane crashes may suffer from negative emotional reactions to the incident or their injuries.

    What to Do If You Are in a Private Plane Accident

    If you are involved in an aviation accident of any kind, whether a private plane or a large commercial airline, you should first get the medical treatment that you need. You should cooperate with the FAA investigation regarding the accident so that the cause of the accident can be determined. You may also wish to consult an experienced aviation accident attorney, like the Illinois private plane crash attorneys at Ankin Law, in order to get advice and guidance throughout the FAA investigation and to learn more about your legal rights and remedies following a private plane accident. Depending on the cause of the accident and who was responsible for the accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries through a personal injury lawsuit or a product liability lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been involved in a private plane accident, contact the knowledgeable Chicago private plane accident attorneys at Ankin Law to schedule your free consultation to discuss your aviation accident.

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