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Chicago Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Cook County Auto Accident Lawyers

Bicycling can be a quick way to commute to work and a fun form of exercise. Unfortunately, bicycling can also be a dangerous activity, especially when bicycling in a traffic-congested area or on roadways with fast moving traffic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 716 bicyclists were killed and another 52,000 were injured in traffic accidents in 2008 alone. At Ankin Law Offices, LLC, our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys represent bike riders who have been injured in an accident with a motor vehicle.

Bicycle accidents can lead to serious and life-threatening injuries since bicyclists have little protection. Bike riders are reminded to always wear a bike helmet to help protect themselves from serious head injuries.

Accidents with bicyclists can occur for a number of reasons. Frequently, drivers will fail to notice a bicyclist on the roadway or fail to obey bicycle rules of the road. If a driver negligently hits a bicyclist, the driver may be liable for the bicyclist’s injuries, pain and suffering, medical expenses, loss of income or other compensation.

When a bicyclist is injured in an accident with a motor vehicle, a claim is made against the negligent driver’s auto insurance carrier. If the negligent driver is uninsured, a claim may still be made against the bicyclist’s own auto insurance policy. Given that insurance companies are in the business of making a profit, they frequently take a formulaic approach to determine compensation instead of considering the individual facts of the accidents and merits of the claim.

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with and it is important to have a skilled bicycle accident attorney to advocate on your behalf. The knowledgeable Chicago bicycle accident attorneys at Ankin Law Offices have significant experience representing clients injured in a variety of accidents with motor vehicles and we are able to efficiently and effectively communicate and negotiate with all of the insurance companies involved.

Safety Reminders for Bicyclists and Motorists:

  • Bicyclists should always wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet when riding a bike.
  • Bicyclists should obey the same rules of the road as drivers, including obeying traffic signs, signals and lane markings, and riding in the same direction as traffic.
  • Bicyclists should maximize their visibility by wearing brightly colored clothing during the day and a front light and rear reflector at night.
  • Motor vehicle drivers must share the road with bicyclists and allow for at least 3 feet clearance when passing a bicyclist on the road.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed by a motor vehicle while riding a bike, contact the experienced Chicago bicycle accident attorneys at Ankin Law Offices today for a free consultation to discuss a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.