At Ankin law Office, we work hard for our clients. Our dedication is rewarded by so many favorable decisions over the years. Below are some unedited testimonials and thank you notes that we have received.

Winning cases for our clients is our goal, but we take the most satisfaction from the gratitude we receive from our clients.

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    Written testimonials

    Hello my name is Wyvetta and I currently have a case with Ankin Law. There are alot of things that I didn’t understand, until I spoke to a receptionist by the first Trena. These are some very hard times for me…and as busy as she may have been, she took time out to help me get a better understanding. Even though my case is still currently active, I’m very glad that I picked Ankin Law…..and that Scott Goldstein is my attorney. Thanks again Ms.Trena.

    Chicago, IL
    Derek Lax represented me in a workmens compensation case. Where I required surgery for my injuries and physical therapy. Needless to say, Derek is a tough, transparent, and had my best interest in mine. I returned to work, all medical bills paid by my employer, and awarded a excellent settlement for my pain and suffering, and loss of work wages from my injuries. So, if your employer refuses to act. Get on the phone call Akin Law, and ask for Derek Lax.

    GREGORY Love
    Maywood, IL
    Big thank you to Attorney Joshua Rodolfi and his amazing assistant Cassandra!! Wow when the settlement negotiations start they are lightning fast. Always answered every question promptly and i would highly recommend them! Excellent Attorny and assistant, Excellent Law Firm !!!

    Machesney Park, IL
    I am a current client , my attorney name is Jonel Metaj, I was with two other law offices before I decided to be represented by Ankin firm , my case was assigned to Jonel Metaj . The Reason I left the other firms they were not consistent they were not returning phone calls they were not active with informing me or moving forward with my case. I wasn’t receiving Workmen’s Compensation. for several months so I decided to move my case to with Ankin Law .The Best decision I’ve ever made my attorney jumped right into making my Workmen’s Compensation active again he responded to calls and emails there was no long periods without answers .I receive paperwork he file in my behalf , Jonel keeps me informed every step of the way He’s differently an attorney who has MY BEST INTEREST . I stated earlier that my case was with two other firm before I had to release them for not acting on my best interest . So I have firsthand. Experience of attorneys where your just another case , I’ve heard the horror stories if others, about their attorneys. I am really grateful to have Jonel as my attorney Jonel is definitely a great asset to this firm it for me I’m not a case to him I’m actually a person

    Rhonda Anderson
    Chicago, AL
    The Ankin Law Team was Great! They worked for and with me to reach an agreement that would best fit my needs. I was kept informed on all proceeds during the case. I would like to give a Special Thanks to Maria Merman for doing an outstanding job on my behalf. It was a pleasure working with you all. Thank you!

    Chicago, IL
    Ankin Law represented my case for a workmans comp claim. My attorney was Scott Goldstein he did a great job! He really fought for my case and was a true professional. He really kicked some ass in my case. Thank you for listening to me and your dedication to being a great attorney.

    Doug Rees
    Barrington Illinois, IL
    To whom it may concern I am giving my testimony on the performance of Ankin Law my attorney Scott Goldstein I can’t tell you how professional and could navigate the workmen compensation lives I am so glad I chose Ankin Law and I am so glad I had these people behind me and beside me through some very rough times I can look back at this now and breathe a sigh of relief knowing the capability of the lawyers at that firm for a common man is myself and there are many out there also people Who have nowhere to turn when they’re in a situation such as a work injury wondering how you’re going to make ends me when you’re laying in a bed. For anybody who has been in any kind of injury these are the people you want to go to court for you I have nothing but great praises for my lawyer Scott Goldstein and his firm Ankin Law thank you so much for all you’ve done many blessings sincerely Perry A. Mocerino

    Perry A. Mocerino
    Schaumburg , AL
    My wife submitted the same testimonial but I am the client; Mr. Ankin has provided exceptional service on my case and he insured that I got compensated appropriately. This law firm has great integrity and I recommend to all to utilized the superb service. Here are some points I’d like to highlight; Attorney Ian did everything to insure that I received exceptional service listening to my key concerns and providing the best resolution in a timely manner.

    Johnny Turner
    Chicago, IL
    Everyone was great from day 1, from setting up doctor’s appointments to making sure comp checks were coming in! I got to know Howard over the past few year’s and i gotta say pure professionalism! Thank you all for everything! Best Wishes!

    Michael Sanchez
    Chicago, IL
    Mr. Ankins and and attorney Ian are first in honesty and integrity. Do yourself a favor and by-pass all law firms and head straight to Ankins law firm. This firm is the fairest of them all. Attorney Ian took a personal interest in getting me the money he knew the case deserves.

    Johnny Turner
    Chicago, IL
    I injured my back while working. Scott Goldstein handled my WC case and settled in 9 months. He’s a professional and answered all my questions. Thank you Scott and his assistant Yuli Alvares. My communication with them was mainly through email and it was in a timely manner. Thanks to my sister Yumaira Gama for recommending me to Ankin Law. You guys are the best!

    Hugo Rangel
    Chicago Ridge, IL
    Very pleased with all the help that Scott Goldstein has afforded me. During the process of my case, Scott continued to go the extra mile repeatedly. I feel that Scott is an excellent lawyer. When Scott is unavailable his assistant is always there to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Scott Goldstein and Ankin Law Firm.

    Bill B.
    Channahon, IL
    Josh is work several cases for me is been nothing but professional and straightforward with me throughout the Process both cases came out favorable for myself and the ache in law service has done a wonderful job have one more to go let’s hope everything goes well but I’d recommend this Law firm to everyone

    Zion, IL
    I loved working with Justin. He did everything I asked and worked fast. If I am ever in need of a lawyer again I will be contacting him. Thank you for everything!!

    Dontae Taylor
    Maywood, IL
    Mr. Ankin has provided exceptional service on my case and he insured that I got compensated appropriately. This law firm has great integrity and I recommend to all to utilized the superb service. Here are some points I’d like to highlight; Attorney Ian did everything to insure that I received exceptional service listening to my key concerns and providing the best resolution in a timely manner.

    Denise Ladson
    Chicago, IL
    Scott Goldstein at Ankin Law is one hard dedicated Attorney! I must applaud him on his service and must say I am very pleased with his work! Scott is very patient and dedicated to your case assigned with him and he goes over board for EXCELLENCE! Scott has been my Attorney since 2013 but on a different case which I won with satisfaction because of him! I currently have him on my new case which words can’t explain how much I appreciate him! Ankin Law is a firm I would recommend anyone to! Scott Goldstein gets the job done and don’t play no games when it comes down to representing his clients! I only can speak upon what I have witnessed! You’re the best Scott Goldstein Keep up the good work #1 Attorney in my book!

    Tawaii C.
    Sauk Village, IL
    I was very happy to be referred to Ankin Law Firm by a friend who knows the team well. I was counseled by Scott Goldstein who was one of the attorneys on the Ankin law team. Scott was very helpful and personable. He was very sincere and offered to help me in the best way possible. He listened to my situation and gave great advice. He referred me to another attorney who could actually help me. So far things are going well. Thank you Scott!

    Orland park, IL
    I had the misfortune of being assaulted repeatedly as a public school teacher in Chicago. Scott Goldstein went the extra mile for me to file a claim for Workers’ Compensation. This case encountered many unforeseeable obsticles that he solved and eventually I was awarded a Settlement. I am definitely very pleased with the outcome and his utmost professionalism in this matter.

    St. Petersburg, FL
    Chicago, IL
    Scott is great! Sometimes it’s hard to reach him personally, but his assistant always well informed me and answers all questions. Great firm. I’ll always recommend.

    Vernon Hills , IL
    I sustained an injury in May 2017. Believing in the “system” I did not contact a lawyer, thinking I would be fairly treated by the multiple insurance entities that “were to got involved”. I contacted Mr. Ankin now, after almost 6 months have gone by. He explained openly and honestly I should have not hesitated in contacting a lawyer immediately. However, now that so much time has passed it would not be to my advantage to hire him. I will keep his name and number and if I ever have a need again will engage Mr. Ankin and his law firm immediately. Rare to find honest words !

    Angelika L
    Rosemont, IL
    They were open and honest and they were very helpful if they can’t help you they will point you in the right direction to somebody who can all they want to do is help

    Andres Castillo
    Chicago, IL
    Scott Goldstein and the Ankin law firm are top notch when trying to fight for your rights and very professional while doing it I encourage anyone with a work comp injury to contact them good luck to Scott & the staff at ankin law

    Clarence Hanna
    chicago, IL
    Just closed on my case, Scott is amazing! Although it’s hard to reach him personally, his assistant always made sure I was well informed. Great dual. Great firm. I’ll always recommend.

    Chris S
    Chicago, IL
    My entire family was in a car accident.. Thank God I was the only one injured. Jon at Ankin Law got me 100K which was the most he could have gotten us since the other driver had a 100K policy.. So we received the maximum amount. Ankin Law was great and I HIGHLY recommend them!!!

    Mark Z
    Chicago, IL
    I was injured while working and the company kept dragging their feet on approving the services that I needed. Ali called Ankin. Within three days I started receiving the services. I’m so happy I called. Everything worked out better than I expected. I would definitely recommend this firm to friends and family. If I every need a lawyer o will definitely use them.

    Chicago, IL
    I recently closed out my case with my lawyer,Telly, and could not be happier! Telly, along with his associates, made sure my questions were answered and all my doctor bills were paid by the settlement. I liked this fact the best as I didn’t have to worry about anything and at the end of the day …all I got was my check! I was advised throughout the entire process and the end result was more than I had anticipated. I would highly recommend the Ankin Law Office to anyone I know in need of a personal injury attorney.

    Mark L
    Chicago, IL
    In a complicated case that spanned over three years, I had many opportunities to contact Scott, my Ankin attorney. My questions were always answered in an understandable manner and with the kind of prompt and courteous efficiency not often seen these days. I was always given the utmost respect, not only by Scott, but by Yuli and the entire staff. Legal matters can be stressful, but Scott took great care to reassure me and address any concerns I may have had. Inquiries and questions were responded to almost immediately and never longer than 24 hours. Follow ups were thorough, taking every opportunity to keep me informed even after normal business hours or weekends. My settlement was handled in an expeditious manner, was all-inclusive, and took my long-term medical care into consideration in a way that eased my concerns for the future. I highly recommend Ankin law Office and, in particular, Scott Goldstein for any legal matters. Completely top shelf, five star service!!!

    Karen Marks
    Chicago, IL
    Scott with Ankin Law was outstanding. He used all his resources to get me and my family the best settlement…. thanks to him and the staff… I will recommend him to everyone.

    William S. Cooper
    Minooka, IL
    I liked how the firm handled the case, they handled everything well.

    Ashley J
    Chicago, IL
    I was injured at work. Derek Lax at your firm was the Lawyer on my case, he is a ROCK STAR!! He went above & beyond for me anytime I needed him. He also cared how my healing of my injury was going. Not many lawyers do!! He is the one to contact if your injured. Refer,Refer,Refer your Friends & Family to him! He Truly is the best around. Thank You again for all you did for me.

    Timothy Streck
    Merrillville, IN
    Great company service! I was very satisfied with the service that the firm provided. I would come back to this firm if I ever needed legal assistance. I would recommend this firm.

    Volodymyr K
    Chicago, IL
    Good! It took too much time. But in the end, I got what I wanted. Thank you very much for all your help and support.

    Consuelo N
    Chicago, IL
    Everything was handled ok

    Jason B
    Joliet, IL
    They got me my settlement very quickly.

    Lanell T
    Chicago, IL
    My attorney was very at communicating with me, and she provided great service, and let me know everything that was going on in the case.

    Jasom R
    Chicago, IL
    Every time I called, I got answer, and I got an answer for everything I wanted to know.

    Martin A
    Chicago, IL
    The communication I had with Laura and Allie was very good.

    Ercelyne B
    Chicago, IL
    My attorney had good communication skills.

    Delilah W
    Chicago, IL
    Working with Josh was very good, he was very helpful.

    Matthew S
    Gifford, IL
    My attorney helped me with everything I needed to do.

    Julia B
    Palatine, IL
    You guys are the number one.

    Monique G
    Chicago, IL
    I am very happy with my results.

    Karl P
    Chicago, IL
    My attorneys took a poor case and turned it around. Their communication was excellent.

    Faith L
    Chicago, IL
    My attorney, Scott Goldstein, always got back to me in a timely manner.

    Paul M
    Streamwod, IL
    Great from day 1 until the end. I would like to thank the whole Ankin Law Firm for putting up with me during the last 5 years. May we do more work in the future

    Daniel J
    Maywood, IL
    Stressful in the beginning – but then very easy Derek was a great attorney for my case. He explained the process and followed through as he promised.

    Leon R
    Lyons, IL
    I liked the communication between me and my attorney I liked that I was able to speak with my attorney, Jill, she made me feel at ease and that I could call her for anything.

    Yolanda D
    Chicago, IL
    their doctor were great The doctors they referred me to were fantastic doctors.

    Theresa W
    Chicago, IL
    Great experience! I turned to Ankin law firm after my car accident in july . Being my first accident, I had many questions and concerns regarding the next steps to take after the accident and decided to seek legal advice. As I searched the internet, I came across Ankin Law .The first person I talked to was Alexandra who was very helpful and answered many of my questions. She got me started in the right direction. Next was Laura who was also very patient and helpful, and always made herself available if i had any concerns. She handled the paperwork for the billing expenses, putting my mind at ease. Lastly, is Telly who always kept me informed regarding the status of my case, and no matter how busy, he made it a priority to return my phone calls. He also worked to make sure the settlement I recieved was fair. These three were very professional, and I would recommend them to anyone in need of this kind of help! Thanks Ankin Law.

    Ivory D
    Broadview, IL
    It help me alot and I am so glad to use you Excellent help.

    Elizabeth M
    Chicago, IL
    My attorney Derek Lax was a very nice guy. Excellent communication with my attorney Derek Lax. And he is cute.

    Paula K
    Chicago, IL
    I liked how quickly they were able to settle my case. I liked how attorney Derek Lax quickly settled my case.

    Hamidah A
    Chicago, IL
    Nice, friendly, answered all questions promptly. Very nice and understanding.

    Vince R
    Chicago, IL
    The communication between the attorney, the assistant, and myself was great.

    Brenda G
    Chicago, IL
    I enjoy having a personal relationship with Howard.

    Winona B
    Chicago, IL
    Melody kept me up to date and had great communication.

    Rhonda K
    Chicago, IL
    I liked that they fought for me, tried to get the most for me, and kept me up to date. I particularly liked how my attorney Telly Liapis communicated with me.

    Brigido R
    Chicago, IL
    They always kept me updated, everyone was on point.

    Nikita R
    Chicago, IL
    Everyone had great communication, I was very informed.

    Johnetta W
    Chicago, IL
    The communication was very professional. Telly explained everything to me very well.

    Laurell P
    Chicago, IL
    They finished my case very quickly, and replied back to my emails quickly as well

    Brenda R
    Chicago, IL
    Communication was great! Had great peace of mind because of it.

    Nathan Q
    Chicago, IL
    The communication was good, and they stayed on top of me getting my check on time. I was updated regularly, and I enjoyed receiving the newsletters.

    Andrea M
    Chicago, IL
    Communication was good, I was always kept in the loop.

    Connie D
    Chicago, IL
    I like being able to make conference calls with my attorney when I need an answer for something.

    Brenda P
    Chicago, IL
    The communication was great, someone answered my questions right away every time.

    Noemi M
    Chicago, IL
    They got my case finished very quickly.

    Keirra H
    Chicago, IL
    Had a great experience, I was well cared for, and everything was thought through carefully. They met every demand.

    Janelle C
    Chicago, IL
    Very hard to get in touch with my attorney, better courtesy calls.

    Ronda C
    Chicago, IL
    My lawyer did a good job, he was on top of everything.

    Noelio B
    Chicago, IL
    Good lawyers, but needs more communication.

    Christian F
    Chicago, IL
    Made it easy.

    George S
    Chicago, IL
    Ankin Law Firm made sure that I was taken care of first. I was scared to file a law suite against my company, but my lawyer explained my rights.

    Leticia R
    Chicago, IL
    The service was OK, but I feel some things could have been better. More communication was needed.

    Donnie R
    Harvey, IL
    The Ankin Law firm handled everything. I never had a problem contacting anyone with my questions, everyone was always polite and welcoming. Very reassuring! I will continue using the Ankin Law firm for all my future attorney needs.

    Jason S
    Morris, IL
    My experience has been very informational and quick.

    Tameka S
    Chicago, IL
    Great, professional service that I would recommend to anyone that has been injured.

    Jermaine B
    Chicago, IL
    Very good service “I will definitely recommend.”

    Christine C
    Chicago, IL
    Very pleasant from the very start “Even though I had a small claim, I was treated as if I had a very large claim. The experience is something I will never forget.”

    Kimberly. I
    Chicago, IL
    The convenience was the best part. I just called and they sent an investigator so I never even had to come downtown. The whole process was seamless. I always got acknowledgement and great service from Yuliana.

    Brenda K
    Wauconda, IL
    A++ service “From start to finish I was given A++ service.”

    Paulanada M
    Chicago, IL
    It’s a 10! “If it wasn’t for Scott Goldstein, I wouldn’t have anything.”

    Richard R
    Wheeling, IL
    Very good “I was/am always updated properly and they have never left any of my questions or concerns unanswered. I have recommended this practice to numerous people already and I will continue to use and recommend this practice to others.”

    Silvia T
    Chicago, IL
    You guys are great! “All of the lawyers were very helpful. Any questions that I had were always quickly answered. Everything was great. “

    Tatiana B
    Elgin, IL
    The men who came to my house helped me without any inconvenience. They did great research and all of the foot work and they really put me at ease knowing that they were handling everything. Mr. Ankin was quick to call me back within minutes of reaching out to him. Overall, they did a good job.

    Mary-Ann K
    Chicago, IL
    There is no way I would have survived this 5 year, 19 surgeries journey without Scott Goldstein and his staff. Howard and Scott did an outstanding job through the ups and the occasional downs. People need this type of representation when injured at work!! The laws favor the insurance companies, not the injured worker and it is wrong. With out a strong law firm like the Akin Law Firm, a seriously injured worker could end up homeless and ruined for life…

    Bob R
    Elk Grove, IL
    Ankin Law supplied me with all of the information and help that I needed. My recovery doctors they helped me get were great. I had a great experience with this firm. Thanks!

    Salomon M
    Waukegan, IL
    Dennis, Hillary, and Helen at Ankin Law helped me out and gave me some great advice during the process of taking care of my medical bills. They did all the work in a timely manner and everyone I spoke with was very friendly and kind. They provided great customer service and I will continue to refer clients here.

    Alejandra S
    Chicago, IL
    Everything was explained well and went along accordingly. All the lawyers and assistants were very enjoyable to work with and be around.

    Antonio B
    Chicago, IL
    I would say that Ankin Law is exceptional in their handling of my case, especially with the lienholders, i.e., doctors, etc. I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone & everyone. Telly Liapis is the BEST!!! Sincerely, Timothy Jensen

    Timothy J
    Waukesha, WI
    Well taken care of throughout experience “Will recommend to others. Family & friends.”

    Antonio P
    Elmwood Park, IL
    It was great, I never ran into a problem “I never had to deal with any problems since I hired this firm. They took care of everything for me and I feel they were very thorough. They worked hard to get me the most money back. I am very satisfied with the whole experience. “

    Luisa M
    Chicago, IL
    Excellent “The firm did a great job for me. They resolved my case very quick.”

    Michael J
    North Chicago, IL
    The business and service is excellent. “Telly was great and very helpful. He took the extra steps and I appreciate how he lowered all the liens. It helped me greatly.”

    Mark P
    Mundelein, IL
    Excellent “You kept in touch so I always knew what was going on and where the case was. The friendliness and the ability to work with the same people every time I called so I knew who was handling things.”

    Dolores K
    Joilet, IL
    Well taken care of “My attorney was very good and she always let me know what was going on with my case.”

    Cherie S
    Chicago, IL
    My first WC case. My experience with this case is above average. When I talked to my lawyer, he was very informative and treated me very nice. My questions were answered and they let me know what was going on and what I was going to expect.

    Daniel K
    Chicago, IL
    Well I’m glad that Ankin Law Office has worked things out for me. “I think my attorney Josh did a wonderful job and I hope that my personal injury case will be settled in a timely fashion.”

    Larry H
    Chicago, IL
    It went great “Josh was informative and he knew what he was talking about when it came to explaining. He was phenomenal and I have already referred him to other people that I know.”

    Jawni L
    Ipava, IL
    A little bit drawn out more than expected, but overall good. “Besides the delay, which I don’t know if it was on your part, or the insurance’s part, the service was good. Josh mentioned a couple of times that he had a difficult time talking to insurance. I was also really amazed at the speed of communication and response from my lawyer. Responses were always within 24 hours, but often they were even within a couple of hours.”

    Aaron C
    Salt Lake City, UT
    My overall experience was great “The attorneys were courteous, knowledgeable, they zealously represented my case. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney. Job well done!”

    Marion P
    Chicago, IL
    Excellent experience with positive results “Quick, expeditious, swift, pleasant, cordial and attentive attorney service.”

    Andrew G
    Burr Ridge, IL
    Very Positive “I’m a returning client and Ankin Law Office keeps me up to date. They check with me to make sure I’m okay.”

    Joshua M
    Crystal Lake, IL
    Sonya outstanding and friendly, and Alie was wonderful. All were so friendly. “Alexandra was very professional and friendly. If I ever get injured again, I would not hesitate — I will use her again. Thanks, Alexandra.”

    Donald V
    Park Ridge, IL
    Great experience!! “I was nervous at first because I never met with anyone, but everything turned out perfect and it was convenient with everything being handled by phone. Will definitely use Ankin Law Offices again if needed.”

    Dietrich P
    Chicago, IL
    My case turned out very well. “I was happy to see after a year since the accident, the case was settled. I’m very pleased with Ankin Law and their services.”

    Astrid D
    Skokie, IL
    Overall it was good “I was hesitant at first, due to my best interest. Dennis and Jon did a great job at keeping me updated. Very straightforward and concise. No runarounds. Very good experience overall.”

    Nicole T
    Peoria, IL
    This is my first time doing this and I am very satisfied “I was inspired at work and had no one to take care of me and was all done within a year. So I’m very satisfied.”

    Marge C
    Chicago, IL
    Communication, was great between attorneys and myself “Howard Ankin and his staff were great to work with, answered questions clearly, very responsible to my concerns.”

    Larry S
    West Chicago, IL
    Proficient “Mr. Liapis explained the process clearly which made the process easier. Hilarie was very straightforward and honest. Replied to errands quickly made us happy. She said she will leave a review on google for us I gave her the instructions.”

    Frank R
    Peoria, IL
    Very good “He took his time to explain the situation.”

    Kevin T
    Palatine, IL
    Excellent “I’ve been with Ankin Law office for years and have always been treated fairly.”

    Keith W
    Chicago, IL
    No words. I’m happy. “Whatever had to be done, was done. You guys did your job.”

    Jan C. F
    Burbank, IL
    I was lucky to find this firm “The service is very helpful and everyone is nice.”

    Walter A
    Chicago, IL
    I am well taken care of! I feel that this firm does great work “I would tell any one I know that Ankin Law get the job done!!”

    Jerry R
    Chicago, IL
    Nice and easy “I stayed in contact with Laura and she was very friendly and professional. She kept me informed and was a great listener. Thanks!”

    Ryan B
    Aurora, IL
    very very satisfied. “This was the very first time this happens to me and you made it very easy for me. Nothing to add.”

    Nancy S
    Plainfield, IL
    Very efficient and fast response to emails. “This was my first time hiring a attorney do to a accident. I was worried a little because I did t know what to expect, Ankin law made everything easy quick and painless.”

    Joanna K
    Stickney, IL
    Friendly, knowledgeable, and easy. “With two other relatives who have experienced your services, we highly recommend your office. You have a friendly staff that is very informative. Everything is quick and easy. “

    Joel G
    Chicago, IL
    Very patient with me. It was really good, and I felt really good with what Ankin was doing. “They let me know how workers’ compensation works and what I was entitled to. “

    Kenneth B
    Plainfield, IL
    It was easier than I thought it would be. “It wasn’t stressful; pretty simple. Ankin Law took a lot of the stress from me.”

    William J
    Chicago Heights, IL
    Great “Every time I called, they always returned my calls if I left a message. They got to me pretty quickly. Everything was good.”

    Diane S
    Vega Baja, PR
    Pleasant “The staff was nice and showed consideration and very helpful in explaining things.”

    Charles B
    Bellwood, IL
    They made me feel like family “I have had 2 cases here. I will definitely bring my business back. I would also refer my friends & family.”

    Diondre B
    Chicago, IL
    DISABILITY/SOCIAL SECURITY “Ankin Law is the best, they got me my Social Security/ disability with in 6 months. I thank Howard ,Jon,and Patricia for everything.”

    Eddy O
    Chicago, IL
    Overall Good “I would recommend Ankin Law Offices based on Attorney Wagner’s kind demeanor. I will seek out their firm if I have any questions in the future.”

    Cora W
    Harvey, IL
    Excellent & informative “I greatly appreciate the time and effort of this firm on my case. Attorneys were very helpful and explained all parts of the cases. I am very thankful for their representation in my workers comp and third party cases. I really appreciate it.”

    Paolo U
    Chicago, IL
    Very well with Ankin Law Offices. “Telly and Laura are the best. I got through this because of them. I got two good people to work with me.”

    Kenneth D
    Bolingbrook, IL
    Seamless and Professional. “Several road-blocks but all-in-all a great experience. Very thorough and client oriented. Thanks for putting up with me.”

    Marren C
    Chicago, IL
    Excellent. “It was an experience that I don’t want anyone to go through. If I had someone else, they would of dropped my case long time ago.”

    Daniel A
    Lemont, IL
    Very good. “Attorney and assistant were always courteous. I truly believe they work hard to give me the best result that I needed.”

    Solinsie J
    Willowbrook, IL
    Fast, polite, and efficient “I think Ankin Law made the whole process easier for me. They explained clearly what they needed from me and took care of everything else.”

    Casey G
    Glen Ellyn, IL
    Great communication, excellent service.

    Hector H
    Chicago, IL
    Very quick and excellent service “I would recommend this company to anyone in need of service.”

    Linda J
    Waukegan, IL
    Howard is the person to call when you need help! “Howard took his time to explain everything that we went through. Made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. Thank you. If you need me for anything just call!”

    Marshall R
    Northfield, IL
    Perfect “Settlement was fast and easy. Very happy.”

    Joanne N
    Chicago, IL
    Auto Accident-Settlement “Auto Accident, Worked with Telly for over 2 years. He always kept us updated on everything and never did anything without talking to us first. I would recommend this firm to anyone and everyone.”

    Klim & David S
    Sleepy Hollow, IL
    It took a long time, mostly because of opposing, but happy with outcome. “Jon was great. He took time to be sure I understood everything + why the process was delayed.”

    Lynda H
    Lombard, IL
    Very satisfactory. “Josh was really helpful and understanding. Claudia was very nice and above all else patient. “

    Emmanuel T
    Chicago, IL
    Satisfied “My experience with Ankin Law was very satisfying. Everything was very well explained. Everyone was very patient with me and kept on a professional level.”

    Joel T
    Country Club Hills, IL
    Wish I didn’t get injured but glad to know you were here. “Thank you Scott! You were great!”

    Deborah J
    Park Ridge, IL
    Great Lawyers, Great Service “I have know Howard for more than two decades and have seen all of the attorneys interact with clients. The Ankin Law Office is a well run firm, providing excellent customer service, forceful advocacy and top-rate customer service. I would recommend this firm to anyone needing a personal injury, workers compensation or social security law firm.”

    Rafi A
    Northbrook, IL
    I really liked the fact that my attorney emailed me, because he was very quick at returning emails.

    Angelica Q
    Chicago, IL
    I am happy with my final settlement.