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Ankin Law Testimonials

At Ankin law Office, we work hard for our clients. Our dedication is rewarded by so many favorable decisions over the years. Below are some unedited testimonials and thank you notes that we have received. Winning cases for our clients is our goal, but we take the most satisfaction from the gratitude we receive from our clients.

Testimonial From Recent Ankin Law Office Clients- David A.
Testimonial From Recent Ankin Law Office Clients- Rebecca Garcia
David Loera (Gary, IN)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

I was referred to Ankin Law Office by a friend of mine
who is being represented by this law firm.
I am being represented by Marcos Serano who has been very helpful and has advised me on my case each time I spoke with him. His assistant Esmeralda Ruiz has been so very helpful. She has gone above and beyond to help resolve problems that have raised throughout this case. She has been there for me and I am so greatfull for her help. Thank you Esmeralda.
I would highly recommend Ankin Law Firm.

Rhonda Anderson (Chicago, AL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

I am a current client , my attorney name is Jonel Metaj, I was with two other law offices before I decided to be represented by Ankin firm , my case was assigned to Jonel Metaj . The Reason I left the other firms they were not consistent they were not returning phone calls they were not active with informing me or moving forward with my case. I wasn’t receiving Workmen’s Compensation. for several months so I decided to move my case to with Ankin Law .The Best decision I’ve ever made my attorney jumped right into making my Workmen’s Compensation active again he responded to calls and emails there was no long periods without answers .I receive paperwork he file in my behalf , Jonel keeps me informed every step of the way He’s differently an attorney who has MY BEST INTEREST . I stated earlier that my case was with two other firm before I had to release them for not acting on my best interest . So I have firsthand. Experience of attorneys where your just another case , I’ve heard the horror stories if others, about their attorneys. I am really grateful to have Jonel as my attorney Jonel is definitely a great asset to this firm it for me I’m not a case to him I’m actually a person

Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

The Ankin Law Team was Great! They worked for and with me to reach an agreement that would best fit my needs. I was kept informed on all proceeds during the case. I would like to give a Special Thanks to Maria Merman for doing an outstanding job on my behalf.
It was a pleasure working with you all. Thank you!

Doug Rees (Barrington Illinois, IL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Ankin Law represented my case for a workmans comp claim. My attorney was Scott Goldstein he did a great job! He really fought for my case and was a true professional. He really kicked some ass in my case. Thank you for listening to me and your dedication to being a great attorney.

Perry A. Mocerino (Schaumburg , AL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

To whom it may concern I am giving my testimony on the performance of Ankin Law my attorney Scott Goldstein I can’t tell you how professional and could navigate the workmen compensation lives I am so glad I chose Ankin Law and I am so glad I had these people behind me and beside me through some very rough times I can look back at this now and breathe a sigh of relief knowing the capability of the lawyers at that firm for a common man is myself and there are many out there also people Who have nowhere to turn when they’re in a situation such as a work injury wondering how you’re going to make ends me when you’re laying in a bed. For anybody who has been in any kind of injury these are the people you want to go to court for you I have nothing but great praises for my lawyer Scott Goldstein and his firm Ankin Law thank you so much for all you’ve done many blessings sincerely Perry A. Mocerino

Johnny Turner (CHICAGO, IL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

My wife submitted the same testimonial but I am the client; Mr. Ankin has provided exceptional service on my case and he insured that I got compensated appropriately. This law firm has great integrity and I recommend to all to utilized the superb service. Here are some points I’d like to highlight; Attorney Ian did everything to insure that I received exceptional service listening to my key concerns and providing the best resolution in a timely manner.

Michael Sanchez (Chicago, IL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Everyone was great from day 1, from setting up doctor’s appointments to making sure comp checks were coming in! I got to know Howard over the past few year’s and i gotta say pure professionalism! Thank you all for everything! Best Wishes!

Johnny Turner (CHICAGO, IL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Mr. Ankins and and attorney Ian are first in honesty and integrity. Do yourself a favor and by-pass all law firms and head straight to Ankins law firm. This firm is the fairest of them all. Attorney Ian took a personal interest in getting me the money he knew the case deserves.

Hugo Rangel (Chicago Ridge, IL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

I injured my back while working. Scott Goldstein handled my WC case and settled in 9 months. He’s a professional and answered all my questions. Thank you Scott and his assistant Yuli Alvares. My communication with them was mainly through email and it was in a timely manner. Thanks to my sister Yumaira Gama for recommending me to Ankin Law. You guys are the best!

Bill B. (Channahon, IL)
Ankin Chicago Car Accident Attorney

Very pleased with all the help that Scott Goldstein has afforded me. During the process of my case, Scott continued to go the extra mile repeatedly. I feel that Scott is an excellent lawyer. When Scott is unavailable his assistant is always there to answer any questions I had. I highly recommend Scott Goldstein and Ankin Law Firm.