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Helicopters – whether used to transport an injured person to a nearby hospital, report on a news story, or by the military in combat – are one of the most dangerous modes of transportation.

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    Illinois Aviation Accident Lawyers

    Helicopters are a complex aircraft, with many component parts and systems that are often manufactured and designed by different companies, and a number of factors can contribute to a helicopter crash, including:

    • Pilot error
    • Poor weather
    • Poorly maintained helicopter
    • Defective helicopter
    • Defective helicopter parts

    Assessing Liability Following a Helicopter Crash

    Helicopter accidents involve complex legal issues and detailed factual investigations. As experienced aviation accident attorneys, we understand that it is important to consult with aviation engineers, helicopter crash experts and other accident investigators in order to obtain the factual information necessary to assess the legal issues involved. Helicopter crashes may involve personal injury negligence or wrongful death claims, or product liability claims, or both, and by consulting with accident investigators regarding the causes of the helicopter crash, we are able to perform a detailed legal analysis of the accident and assert the proper legal arguments in support of your legal claim.

    If you have been involved in a helicopter accident, do not hesitate to contact the skilled helicopter accident legal team at Ankin Law Offices, located in Chicago, Illinois, to schedule a free consultation to discuss the helicopter accident and any causes of action that may result from the crash. We will explain your legal rights and remedies to you, and diligently work to obtain a favorable resolution of any legal claims resulting from the helicopter accident.

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