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What to Do If You Have Doubts about Your Medical Care

Written by Ankin Law Office

Doctors and health care providers hold our lives in their hands. Having doubts about the medical care that you are receiving can not only be emotionally unsettling, but physically damaging, as well, since the lack of appropriate medical care can result in medical complications, exacerbated health conditions, and even death.

If you have doubts about the medical care that your doctor is providing, there are several things you can do, including:

  • Get a second opinion. A second opinion can be instrumental in ensuring that you are getting adequate medical care. If another doctor agrees with the original diagnosis and medical assessment, you will gain additional peace of mind. In the event that your doctor missed a diagnosis, a second opinion can minimize the health complications of delayed treatment or misdiagnosis.

According to the New York Times, “Evidence is mounting that second opinions—particularly on radiology images and pathology slides from biopsies—can lead to significant changes in a patient’s diagnosis or in recommendations for treating a disease.” Similarly, a study conducted at a Denver medical center found that more than half of the medical center’s patients that diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease had previously been misdiagnosed with asthma, which lead to inappropriate treatments.

  • Get more information. If you are uncertain about the medical care you are receiving, you should take the time to educate yourself on your medical condition and symptoms. The more information that you have, the better able you will be to get the health care that you need. Ask questions and be your own best advocate. As this article shows, patients who are more actively involved with their medical care tend to receive better medical treatment.
  • Contact a medical malpractice lawyer. Although the medical care provided by one doctor may differ from that of another, it doesn’t necessarily mean that medical malpractice is involved. In some situations, however, medical care will deviate from medically accepted standards and, in these situations, you may be able to recover money damages for any injuries sustained as a result. A medical malpractice lawyer can listen to your doubts and concerns about your medical care, conduct a legal and factual assessment, advise you on whether you may have a legal claim, and advocate on your behalf for full and fair financial recovery.

At Ankin Law Office, LLC, our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys focus on representing the victims of medical malpractice in lawsuits against negligent doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers. As a result of our considerable experience and familiarity with medical malpractice cases, we have the skill and knowledge to refute and overcome common defense legal arguments and tactics.

If you have doubts about the medical care that you are receiving or suspect that you were the victim of medical malpractice, contact our office at (312) 600-0000 to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled Chicago medical malpractice attorneys.

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