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Using Technology to Prevent Collisions

Written by Ankin Law Office

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Some of the technology that is being rolled out is making driving safer for motorists around the world. Among the most notable features that are being installed on automobiles are forward collision prevention systems.

Forward collision prevention systems, also known as collision avoidance systems, utilize radar and cameras to provide a visual or auditory warning to the automobile driver when a collision is imminent. This gives the driver time to prepare, and it also takes over the vehicles controls without the driver needing to react. Functions including steering and braking are controlled by the computer; meaning they are controlled at a faster speed than humans can.

Rear-end collisions are the most common types of accidents on the road. In fact, they make up nearly 1/2 of all collisions. This results in considerable property damage and physical injuries. The installation of collision avoidance systems can help reduce the number of these accidents by a remarkable measure. Such a move by the automobile industry would save billions of dollars per year in vehicle repairs and hospital visits.

Further, drivers of vehicles that are equipped with collision prevention systems may be able to to receive lower insurance premiums and deductibles from their insurers. Thus, there is a financial incentive for drivers to install these in their vehicles even if they were not included by the manufacturer.

Of course, the reduction of rear-end collisions will take time to realize, and it will require that the majority of vehicles traveling down the roads of Chicago and other cities be equipped with collision prevention systems for it to be truly effective.

Equally as important to the reduction of accidents is the recording features these systems offer. They provide detailed crash data that can be invaluable to a car accident lawyer in Chicago in pursuing injury claims. Not only do they show the actions of the drivers involved in the accident, they show without question the speed the vehicle was traveling, the direction, and the points of impact. Having this information can make it easier for a car accident lawyer in Chicago to prove a case before it goes to trial and can result in a speedier settlement. Thus, when there is a collision, the injured parties can receive the resources they need to begin the recovery process as soon as possible.

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