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What Is Uber RideCheck?

Written by Ankin Law Office

Uber RideCheck is a new safety feature that alerts drivers and riders when there is a possible Uber crash or an unexpected long stop during a ride.

Uber RideCheck Protection

Uber’s new RideCheck feature proactively pings drivers and riders when it detects a possible problem such as a crash or an unexpected long stop while a ride is in progress. After the driver and rider receive the RideCheck notification, they can respond if they need or do not need assistance.

In September 2018, Uber announced its RideCheck safety feature with a pilot program which launched in Los Angeles at the end of the year. Since then, the RideCheck safety feature has been activated in other major cities including Dallas, Detroit, and Houston. In 2019, it became available for all Uber rides in the United States and it will expand to other countries in the coming months.

RideCheck works with GPS tracking of each Uber ride. By using GPS data and other information from a driver’s smartphone, the safety app can detect if an Uber trip goes off course. After Uber sends drivers and riders a push notification, they have the option to respond that they are okay, or respond to Uber’s safety line stating they need help.

Due to a large number of alleged assaults by riders, Uber has added several new safety features to its rideshare app including driver identification, car license plate number, shared trip information, and 911 emergency services. Uber is also considering video and/or audio recordings of all rides, as well as options for female passengers to request female drivers.

Rideshare safety is a major topic of concern for Uber riders across the country. According to a study conducted by CNN, approximately 100 Uber male drivers have been accused of alleged assaults by female riders. Allegations include acts of inappropriate touching, verbal abuse, harassment, physical violence, sexual assault, and rape.

As a result of numerous civil lawsuits filed with Uber accident attorneys around the country, Uber and other rideshare providers are facing intense scrutiny by customers and law enforcement agencies. Officials state that Uber needs stricter safety regulations to protect riders from harm. Although new safety apps should increase rider safety, law enforcement is pushing for stronger driver background checks that include fingerprint recognition. In many cases involving Uber driver assaults, drivers had previous convictions for felony crimes including sexual assault and rape, physical violence, burglary, carjacking, and drug-related crimes.

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