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Top Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centers in Illinois

Written by Ankin Law Office

Victims of traumatic brain injury often require life-long medical treatments and extensive therapy in top TBI rehabilitation centers in Illinois that specialize in brain and spinal cord damage.

TBI Rehabilitation

A traumatic brain injury can result in permanent damage to the brain and spinal cord that requires specialized rehabilitation. Since brain injuries affect so many cognitive functions and learning skills, finding the right center that promotes proper healing is essential to returning to daily activities, even at limited capacity.

When TBI occurs, it is often caused by a car accident or fall that results in a sudden or severe blow to the head. Depending on the severity of the accident and injury, TBI rehabilitation centers in Illinois offer different types of treatment programs to address a patient’s medical needs.

Acute Rehabilitation

Generally, people who sustain traumatic brain injuries must begin acute rehabilitation as soon as possible after the injury. Acute rehabilitation helps the injury victim regain control of his/her cognitive functions such as walking, standing and sitting, speaking, eating and drinking, grooming, and toileting. Acute rehabilitation is usually provided by trauma centers and medical centers that offer rehabilitation services.

Post-Acute & Sub-Acute Rehabilitation

TBI patients capable of more intensive therapy are often transferred to a post-acute or sub-acute rehabilitation facility. This type of therapy works well for patients who have successfully progressed through an acute rehabilitation program but need ongoing care. Since post-acute and sub-acute rehabilitation requires long-term specialized treatments, these services are normally provided in skilled nursing facilities or private nursing homes.

Day Rehabilitation

Day rehab programs provide therapy in a structured group setting and allow TBI patients to return to a home environment at night. Depending on the severity of injuries and damage to cognitive functions, some patients transfer to a day rehab program following discharge from an inpatient post-acute or sub-acute rehabilitation facility.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Following acute, post-acute, or sub-acute rehabilitation, many TBI patients still require ongoing support for recovery through outpatient therapy. Outpatient rehabilitation is a viable option for patients who are progressively improving and patients with less severe brain injuries.

Illinois offers many top TBI rehabilitation centers for victims of brain and spinal cord injuries. A Chicago injury lawyer can provide a list of centers that offer rehabilitation programs and specialized TBI patient services in different areas. When TBI results from an accident caused by a negligent party, an injury lawyer can file a civil lawsuit to recover compensation for rehabilitation treatments.

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