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Study: Not using turn signals causes most accidents

Written by Ankin Law Office

Distracted driving is often named as a leading cause to auto accidents.  But a new study shows that the real culprit may actually be something else. The study, conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers, shows that nearly 2 million accidents a year are caused by drivers’ failure to use a turn signal.  As this MSNBC article says, the research shows that more than twice as many accidents are caused by drivers who fail to use their turn signal than distracted driving.

The study also shows that drivers neglect to use their turn signals nearly half of the time they change lanes, and a quarter of the time that they make a turn.

“This is a first of its kind report on a subject that amazingly, has never been studied,” said Richard Ponziani, P.E., President of RLP Engineering and author of the report said in the MSNBC article. Yet, despite the fact that turn signals are simple, ubiquitous and “extremely effective,” there is an epidemic lack of compliance even though “all drivers have an ongoing duty to use it, just as they have a duty to stop at a stop sign or at a red light.”

Further, anecdotal evidence suggests that police put much less effort into enforcing turn signal laws than they do enforcing speeding and running stop signs and red lights.  The study suggests use of the “Smart Turn Signal,” a system that would automatically shut off a turn signal by timing out after a set delay or detecting when a vehicle has finished changing lanes.

Ponzini promotes the “Smart Turn Signal” system as “the perfect complement to the Stability Control System since Stability Control predominately prevents single-vehicle crashes, whereas the Smart Turn Signal prevents multi-vehicle crashes.”

At Ankin Law Offices, LLC our skilled Illinois auto accident attorneys are dedicated to promoting safe driving habits and protecting the victims of motor vehicle accidents.  We utilize our vast legal knowledge regarding auto accident lawsuits, combined with considerable experience representing clients in personal injury lawsuits, to effectively advocate on behalf of our clients.  We are conversant in the various legal standards for negligence claims, including claims involving inattentive driving such as cell phone use while driving.  We will communicate and negotiate with any insurance companies involved and aggressively litigate your claim, if necessary, to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Contact the experienced Chicago auto accident attorneys at Ankin Law Offices today to schedule your free consultation to discuss the legal remedies for your cell phone auto accident.

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