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Need a Lawyer Who Speaks Spanish?

Written by Ankin Law Office

Spanish-speaking injury victims need a lawyer who speaks Spanish to ensure accurate communication between between the client and Chicago lawyer.

Language Barriers Can Impact a Case

When an injury victim only speaks Spanish or limited English, a Spanish-speaking lawyer is essential to ensure accurate communication. A lawyer who speaks both English and Spanish can act as an interpreter between the injury victim, parties involved in the accident, and the court.

Filing an injury claim with lawyers in Chicago who speak Spanish can mean the difference between winning and losing a personal injury lawsuit. The legal system requires specific paperwork that includes complex language and legal terms which are difficult to understand, even for someone who speaks fluent English. If the client only speaks Spanish, a translator or interpreter may need to help the client communicate with the lawyer and the court. In such cases, small things often get lost in translation when the client can’t communicate directly with his/her lawyer. In a personal injury lawsuit, even the smallest misunderstandings or lack of communication can have a significant impact on the outcome of the case.

Appointing a Translator

Although a personal injury lawsuit requires a lawyer for proper representation, a court trial is often lengthy and costly. If a translator is hired, his/her hourly rates can be as high as $145 per hour in some areas. When the cost for the translator is added to various costs for legal fees, a client may face a hefty financial burden, as well as injuries from an accident. Finding a lawyer who speaks both English and Spanish will help the defendant keep costs down by eliminating the need for a translator or interpreter.

Taking to Witnesses

Many personal injury cases involve depositions from people who witnessed the accident. If the accident occurred in an area where Spanish is the primary language, a Spanish-speaking lawyer is essential to talk to witnesses and gather important information. Spanish-speaking witnesses will be able to communicate more efficiently and accurately with a lawyer who speaks both English and Spanish.  

In any type of Illinois personal injury case, a good outcome depends on accurate information, strong witness statements, and proper legal representation from lawyers in Chicago. A client who suffers injuries faces medical bills for his/her injuries, lost wages, and emotional distress. It’s essential to make sure that language barriers do not have a negative impact on the case.

Categories: Personal Injury