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Soft Tissue Injuries Cause Long-Term Health Problems

Written by Ankin Law Office

Hiding beneath the surface of the skin, soft tissue injuries create long-term health problems for victims of car accidents that can rob people of their ability to perform ordinary tasks. A personal injury attorney is necessary to fight for compensation for these unseen injuries.

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Soft tissue injuries infographic

What Is A Soft Tissue Injury?

The soft tissues in the body include any area that is not a bone or organ, from tendons and ligaments to muscles. Injuries to soft tissue in the body typically fall into one of three categories.


A sprain is an injury to a ligament that results in stretching or tearing of the tissue. Sprains are most commonly caused by twisting or being hit with an outside force that causes the body to move out of its normal position.

In a car accident, a personal injury attorney can show that the force of one car hitting another resulted in spinal damage. Lumbar sprains often occur in a rear end collision, and may require long-term treatment and therapy to correct the issue. A lumbar sprain prevents the victim from placing weight on the weight bearing area of the lower back, making it difficult to stand or function normally.


A strain occurs when a muscle or tendon becomes stressed. Strains usually occur when a muscle is stretched fully, then is suddenly forced to contract.

A personal injury attorney will usually pursue damages for strains in the upper back. Pulled muscles in the back can cause chronic back pain that lasts for years. Victims are unable to move or twist their back without pain, and many will experience spasms that last until the injury is fully healed.


Victims suffer from whiplash when the head and neck move violently after an accident. The sudden movement of the head causes the soft tissues in the neck to strain or hyper-extend.

Anyone suffering from whiplash faces potentially serious health issues. Whiplash victims often struggle with stiff necks and chronic neck pain, and they are forced to wear neck braces to prevent a deterioration of their condition. In extreme cases, whiplash can even affect memory and cognitive function.

Unlike broken bones and deep cuts, soft tissue injuries are difficult to spot at the time of an accident. It may take several weeks or months for the injury to become apparent, at which time, a personal injury attorney will be necessary to fight for the victim’s rightful compensation.

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