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Cryptosporidium Virus Attorneys in Chicago

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Not all infectious diseases are created equal. Annoying as it may be, the common cold rarely becomes a serious problem. On the other hand, diseases like HIV and smallpox have led to incredibly destructive epidemics. Between the media hysteria surrounding disease epidemics and the entire wall of cold treatments in many pharmacies, it can be easy to forget all the diseases that lie between these extremes.

One relatively common virus that can sometimes become a major health risk is the cryptosporidium virus. This virus is usually spread through drinking water contaminated with feces. The virus itself lives in the intestines, where it generally leads to diarrhea, cramps, and fever. Usually it only lasts up to two weeks. Diarrhea is the most dangerous symptom, leading to weakness and dehydration if not treated.

In more susceptible populations like the elderly and people with HIV, however, the disease can gain a foothold and become much more severe. In some cases the disease can result in months of chronic diarrhea, with patients even losing two liters of water per day. For people with HIV, who already often have difficulty keeping on weight, chronic cryptosporidium can lead to dangerous weight loss.

The sanitation practices cities use for their municipal water supplies are generally enough to eliminate the risk of cryptosporidium in the city water supply. Away from city water supplies, boiling water is often enough. But if adequate precautions aren’t taken, serious cases of cryptosporidium can result.

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