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Social Security Benefits | Illinois Social Security Attorney

Written by Ankin Law Office

Finding the right Chicago Social Security lawyer to represent you is not easy. Many people are not even sure what factors to consider. This, coupled with the pain and stress a disabled person suffers, can make the decision to hire a disability attorney seem overwhelming.

Considering the following factors, however, should help a person narrow the pool of potential lawyers to a manageable number. At that point, the person can meet with the attorneys in person to make a final selection.

Is the Lawyer Associated with a Large Firm or with a Small Firm?

Some lawyers work by themselves or in small firms. They may only accept clients who live nearby. Others work at giant law firms that have offices in multiple cities. These firms often represent people across theUnited States.

Advantages and disadvantages exist with either option. Both types of firms should hire competent, capable attorneys. One advantage of hiring a lawyer at a small firm concerns the service component. Smaller firms typically offer more personalized attention. The client often works with just one lawyer and the lawyer’s assistant, forming a close relationship. On the other hand, a larger firm typically has greater financial resources.

Is the Lawyer Focused on Social Security Disability Law or Does the Lawyer Dabble in Social Security Work?

Some lawyers practice Social Security work exclusively. Other lawyers perform Social Security work in addition to other plaintiff-oriented work, such as personal injury work.  Finally, some lawyers specialize in another area but dabble in Social Security work. Obviously, you will want to hire an attorney who understands Social Security law and who has significant experience representing clients in situations similar to yours. You deserve to have a qualified, experienced advocate on your side.

Miscellaneous Factors

You should also consider a few other factors, such as:

  • whether the lawyer has been recommended to you by someone you trust.
  • the lawyer’s reputation.
  • how convenient it is to get to the firm’s office.
  • the differences in fees and costs.

Also, while all law firms should accommodate disabled clients, some firms take this responsibility more seriously than others. A firm that is sensitive to the needs of its disabled clients demonstrates the firm’s commitment to its clients.

Final Steps

After creating a short list of attorneys, you should interview the attorneys. At this interview, you should ask questions about how the attorney will handle your matter and how often you will be in contact with the attorney. By asking these questions and other questions designed to help you learn more about the process, you will likely gather critical information. Trust your instincts. You should select the lawyer you feel most comfortable with, who explains things thoroughly, and who you believe will give you the best chance of victory.

For Help Receiving Social Security Benefits, Contact Our Social Security Disability Lawyers

The lawyers at Ankin Law Office LLC pride themselves on effective representation for clients seeking to receive Social Security disability benefits or Supplemental Security Income. If you would like to speak to a Chicago Social Security disability attorney, contact our attorneys by telephone at (312) 600-0000 or by email.

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