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Danger on the Slip & Slide

Written by Ankin Law Office

Slip and slides can provide children with plenty of entertainment, but they can also cause injuries when children slip and fall on them. Parents and others supervising children need to be cautious when children use slip and slides, as injuries sustained on these products could be serious.

Potential injuries resulting from slip and slide accidents could include broken bones, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, and paralysis, which is why it’s important to take steps to prevent these accidents.

When It’s Possible to Sue for Injuries from a Slip and Fall Accident

If a child sustains injuries due to a fall on a slip and slide on someone else’s property, it may be possible to sue the property owner for negligence. Property owners need to do what they can to keep their guests safe from harm, and this includes taking steps to create a safer environment when using slip and slides and other products.

Another party’s negligence when children use a slip and slide could make them liable for any injuries sustained.

Steps to Take After a Slip and Slide Accident

If a child is injured on a slip and slide, parents should treat the incident like other slip and fall accidents

First, parents should seek immediate medical attention for the injured child if nobody had already done so at the time of the injury. Additionally, parents should take pictures of both the scene of the accident and injuries sustained.

If the property owner isn’t aware of the injury sustained, parents should inform them immediately and report their child’s injuries. If anyone witnessed the slip and fall, such as nearby neighbors, parents should also obtain their name and phone number.

How to Recover Compensation from Negligent Parties

If a neighbor is deemed liable for a slip and slide accident and injuries, parents of injured children may be able to file a claim through the property owner’s insurance or their homeowner’s insurance. An attorney may be able to help navigate the claims process. Other cases may entail a personal injury lawsuit, but most personal injury cases rarely go to court. To recover compensation, parents will need to prove that the other homeowner practiced negligence that led to injuries.

Taking these steps may help parents recover compensation if their child sustained injuries on a slip and slide due to someone else’s negligence.

Categories: Premises Liability