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How to Find the Best Injury Lawyers in Chicago

Written by Ankin Law Office

If an accident results in injuries caused by another person’s negligent actions, it is essential to find a personal injury lawyer who can prove negligence in a civil court case.

Finding the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident results in injuries, legal representation is important to a successful outcome for the injury victim. Injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes, slip and fall accidents, defective products, animal attacks, and work-related accidents often result in physical disabilities, emotional distress, and temporary or permanent loss of a job.

Accident victims commonly suffer severe or debilitating injuries that result in high medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and pain and suffering which may temporarily or permanently impact their income and lifestyle.

In some cases, injuries are the result of another person’s accidental or intentional negligence. In such cases, personal injury lawyers must provide proof in a civil court of law that negligent actions are responsible for injuries. Working with the best lawyers in Chicago can mean the difference between collecting compensation or a big financial burden for the injury victim.

Before selecting a lawyer, an injury victim should research factors that may have a big impact on the outcome of the case:

A law firm’s background and legal experience with personal injury cases is a good indicator of a successful law practice. A long history of representing clients is usually linked to successful case outcomes and satisfied clients.

Typically, larger law firms are equipped to handle more complex cases, because there are more lawyers in Chicago and legal assistants on staff. When meeting with a law firm, it’s important to know which attorney is assigned to the case, how legal matters are handled, and the timeline of the personal injury lawsuit.

Negotiation Skills

The majority of personal injury cases end in settlements outside of court, so lawyers in Chicago with excellent negotiation skills are a plus. Even when negligence is a factor, injury cases are often settled between lawyers and insurance companies to avoid lengthy, expensive trials.

Car accidents are usually impacted by a driver’s insurance policy that puts guidelines and restrictions on injury claims. Insurance providers commonly offer low settlement payments to avoid big losses and close cases quickly without a trial. When searching for a lawyer, good negotiation skills can impact the compensation awarded for injuries, whether the case ends in a settlement or proceeds to a court trial.

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