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Playing it Safe At Special Events This Fall

Written by Ankin Law Office

Planning ahead and following safety tips for Chicago fall special events can prevent personal injuries. Special events that draw large crowds always increase safety risks.

Attending Special Fall Events

Chicago is full of all types of fall special events like sports games, food festivals, music concerts and special holiday events for the family. Although these events are always fun, a Chicago personal injury attorney often sees increased injuries in large crowds. Following important safety tips can prevent injuries.

Check the Weather

In Chicago, fall weather can change quickly. Before heading out to an event, especially one outdoors, check the local weather cast and plan accordingly. If rain or wind is forecast, plan to pack an umbrella, raincoat, and hat. If the event has outdoor seating, plan to sit in a covered area if possible.

Check the Parking

Parking at large events like sports games and music concerts can be grueling. It may take a long time to find a parking space when arriving, and even longer to get out when leaving. For safety and less aggravation, note the exits, arrive early and leave a little early to avoid traffic congestion.

Pack Food and Drinks

When attending a long event, especially with the kids, it’s important to pack food, snacks, and drinks if none are provided at the event. Fall festivals that have a lot of activities can be tiring for kids, so keeping them nourished and hydrated is essential.

Make a Meeting Plan

When attending a Chicago special event with a group or young children, make a meeting plan in case people get separated. If cell phones are allowed, checking in by phone is convenient. Choosing a place and time to meet will also create a safety plan everyone can follow.

Protect Valuables

Keep valuables such as cash, credit/debit cards, wallets and purses, and cell phones in a safe place at all times. A backpack or small body pack will keep valuables close and protected from pickpockets who often prey on unsuspecting victims in large crowds. When attending large events, don’t leave valuables in the car, even if it’s locked.

Avoid Personal Injuries

If a crowd disturbance or physical altercation breaks out at an event, move away from the area as soon as possible, especially with children. Outdoor events that serve alcohol increase the risk of personal injuries commonly seen by a Chicago personal injury attorney.

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