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Is It Safe to Drive After a Crash?

Written by Ankin Law Office

For maximum safety, drivers should have their vehicles towed away from the accident scene rather than driving them after a crash.

Staying Safe After a Car Accident

A car crash can cause physical injuries, emotional distress, and property damages, even if it’s a minor accident. Most drivers are not in the right frame of mind to drive following a car crash. Physical injuries, emotional trauma, and damage to the vehicles should be carefully assessed before leaving the scene of an accident. For safety reasons, it’s best to have vehicles towed away from the scene.

Physical and Emotional Injuries

Car accidents, even minor fender-benders, often result in physical injuries, as well as emotional trauma for drivers. Physical injuries must be assessed by a medical professional right away. Certain injuries may require a longer healing process that requires bed rest and pain medications. Emotional trauma may require help from specialists to deal with anxiety and depression. Driving under these physical and emotional conditions increases stress levels and creates unsafe driving conditions for drivers.  

Vehicle Damages

A car accident often results in minor and/or major vehicle damage. Even in a minor crash, a vehicle can suffer significant damage to the body, frame, wheels, steering and braking systems, and engine components. Before driving a vehicle that has been in a wreck, people should:

  • Check for Visible Damage – A driver should walk around the car and look for visible damages such as dents, broken windshields, front end damage, loose bumpers, bent wheels, and damaged tires. If any of these damages are visible, it’s best to tow the car rather than drive it.
  • Check for Hidden Damage – Following a car crash, there are often hidden damages to a vehicle. If the vehicle is difficult to start, this can signal damages to the engine. If there is smoke, flames, fluid leaks, the smell of gas, or strange noises, drivers must be cautious of fires and explosions. A car with hidden damage is not safe to drive.

For safety, drivers should not attempt to drive away from the scene of a car accident. Towing the car to a safe location or a car mechanic is best. A driver who is involved in a car crash should focus on getting medical attention first, then deal with repairs and driving. 

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