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Injured in a Crash on Private Property in Chicago?

Written by Ankin Law Office

If someone is injured in a car crash on private property in Chicago, it can be more challenging to determine liability since the traffic laws that apply to crashes on public roads may not apply to accidents on private property. However, injured victims may still be able to recover compensation from the other driver, the property owner, or both when they follow the proper steps.

Steps to Take After a Car Accident on Private Property

The first step that people should take if they are in an accident on private property is to contact law enforcement. However, the police may not respond to the scene if the accident was minor and injuries weren’t severe. Still, contacting the police to file a report could help support a claim when dealing with insurance companies.

Other steps to follow include:

Seeking Medical Treatment

If a victim is injured in an accident, it’s necessary to seek treatment regardless of the circumstances. Even if a victim doesn’t appear to be injured, delayed symptoms could develop days or even weeks after the crash. Seeking treatment can also establish medical records and bills that can serve as evidence to prove the severity of the injuries sustained.

Recording the Contact Information of the Property Owner

After an accident on private property, all parties should exchange information with the property owner and any other people who were involved in the crash. Names, addresses, phone numbers, insurers, and license plate numbers should be recorded.

Capturing Photos or Video Evidence

Taking photos or video footage of the scene of the crash, injuries sustained, and damage to vehicles and other property can help a Chicago car accident lawyer prove negligence and losses if an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit is filed.

Maintaining Documentation

Keeping track of all medical records and bills and any other relevant documentation can help a car accident lawyer prove the cost and severity of the victim’s injuries.

Consulting with an Attorney

Even if a case doesn’t necessarily require the help of legal counsel, consulting a reputable injury attorney before speaking with the insurance company can help preserve a victim’s right to compensation.

Taking these steps can help build a strong injury claim and help victims recover compensation if they are injured in an accident on private property.

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