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Preserving the Chain of Evidence After an Auto Accident

Written by Ankin Law Office

The moments immediately following an auto accident can be stressful for drivers and passengers, especially when they sustain injuries. An accident scene can become a confusing hub of activity when police officers, tow trucks, and medical personnel arrive. Still it’s important for those involved or their representatives to pay attention and preserve key evidence.

Auto accidents are a fact of life in Illinois. In 2014, Illinois Department of Transportation Roadway Crash Statistics documented 296,049 auto accidents with 61,084 injuries. Auto-related personal injury cases often end up in court. The crucial information available to drivers and passengers immediately following an accident can help their Chicago auto accident lawyer prove liability and damages.

Drivers must get the facts

Drivers change their stories. Witnesses disappear into the crowd. Memories become fuzzy as time passes and some information gets lost forever. Fortunately, a conscientious driver who pays attention can document the information with a few simple tools.

  • Small notebook and pen
  • Cell phone camera

Important post-accident information

Vehicle photos

A quick license plate photo should be number one on a driver’s post-accident to-do list. If the responsible driver leaves the scene, a license plate photo allows authorities to identify the vehicle owner anyway.

Driver Details

To get information quickly and efficiently, a driver should photograph the other driver’s operator’s license and verify that the information is current.

Photos of the scene

Close-up and distant photos taken before drivers move their cars can help establish fault.

Witness versions

Witnesses often hang out the in a crowd after an accident. Drivers should identify them and get their versions and contact information.

A legal Professional can keep an injury case on track

Things calm down after an accident scene clears, but those who are injured must still endure medical treatment, disabilities, lost wages, and other economic losses. While the injured parties concentrate on healing, they will become the focus of attention. Claims adjusters, insurance companies, and attorneys will sort through the facts, analyze the details, and try to decide who was at fault. It’s an easier task when the evidence has been properly documented.

It’s essential that the parties involved in an accident keep a clear head while documenting evidence. It doesn’t matter if they understand the relevance of the information gathered at the scene. What’s important is that those well-documented details could become the foundation on which a Chicago auto accident lawyer builds a winning injury case.

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