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FDA: Ranitidine products (Zantac) is a risk to public health

The FDA has determined that the impurity in some ranitidine productsincreases over time and at higher temperatures and may result in dangerous levels N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). This substance is likely a humancarcinogen (cancer causing).

The high levels of NDMA found in Zantac are unsafe and were consumed for years by unsuspecting consumers, even though the makers of Zantac knew about these risks.

FDA Recommendations

The FDA has requested that manufacturers withdraw all prescription and over-the-counter ranitidine drugs from the market immediately. Prompted by information from third-party laboratories, the FDA determined thatNDMA levels increase significantly in samples, even under normal storage conditions.

Epidemic Proportions

More than 15 million Americans take ranitidine at prescription levels andmillions more take a lower-dose, over-the-counter version. At one point, Zantac was the best-selling drug in the world.

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Many Cancers Associated with NDMA.

Long-term exposure to Zantac or ranitidine could cause lung or liver damage in humans. NDMA exposure is also linked to:

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