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Popcorn Lung | Illinois Personal Injury Attorney

Written by Ankin Law Office

Think about microwaveable popcorn for a minute. It is a yummy, low-fat, low-cost snack food. It is easy to prepare and comes in bags designed to serve a small family or a single snacker. It comes in a wide variety of flavor options and can be popped in just a couple of minutes. Sounds like a great snack option, right?

Not always. Even a product as seemingly innocent as microwaveable popcorn can be dangerous. According to a recent news report, a man suffered a serious case of “popcorn lung” after years of enjoying this snack. He recently received resolution via a lawsuit.

“Popcorn Lung” Verdict for Consumer

Plaintiff Wayne Watson recently won a $7.2 million judgment against a supermarket chain owner and the Gilster-Mary Lee and Dillon Companies. He alleged that the companies were responsible either for making or distributing microwaveable popcorn that contained a harmful chemical. This chemical, diacetyl, is used to create the “butter” flavor in microwaveable popcorn.

The plaintiff said that he ate two bags of microwaveable popcorn every day. Over time, he contracted a rare lung disease. The plaintiff claimed that years of inhaling the butter flavor aroma caused this lung disease. The jury determined that the plaintiff’s lung disease was, in fact, caused by ingesting diacetyl. Although employees who worked in popcorn factories have long suffered from this condition, this is believed to be the first lawsuit in which a consumer successfully pursued damages against a microwaveable popcorn manufacturer or distributor.

Future Verdicts May Be Likely in Similar Matters

The plaintiff in this lawsuit may have been the first consumer who successfully pursued legal action against the makers and distributors of a microwaveable popcorn product. But he certainly is not the only consumer who has been affected by these products. Likely, many popcorn eaters have developed similar conditions or health concerns. These consumers may also have valid legal claims against the makers and distributors of the popcorn products that led to their injuries.

Help for People Injured by Products

All across the United States, including Illinois, consumers face all kinds of injuries. Some of these injuries are injuries caused by defective drugs or products. Some are injuries caused by exposure to certain materials or chemicals. Whatever the cause, a consumer who has been seriously injured by a product should consult with legal counsel. A lawyer can help an injured victim recover compensation from the parties responsible for the injuries.

For Help with Your Situation, Contact Our Illinois Personal Injury Lawyers

Injuries caused by consumer products, like the one in the case discussed in this article, occur far too often. If you have been injured after eating or using a particular product, you may want to contact the experienced Illinois personal injury attorneys at Ankin Law Office LLC. We care about our clients, and we work to help our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to. If you would like to speak to our Illinois personal injury attorneys, contact us by telephone at (312) 600-0000 or by email.

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