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Popcorn Lung Disease | Chicago Injury Attorney

Written by Ankin Law Office

You may have read recent news reports highlighting popcorn lung disease. This disease has troubled workers in microwave popcorn plants and flavorings plants for years. A chemical in the popcorn flavoring has been linked to this serious lung disease and other ailments. Just recently, a microwave popcorn consumer recovered a large verdict in a popcorn lung case. The plaintiff received over $7 million for injuries related to the plaintiff’s consumption of microwave popcorn.

This publicity may have caused you to stop and evaluate your own microwave popcorn consumption. The product is a tasty treat—inexpensive and easy to prepare. It comes in a variety of flavors and stays fresh for a long time. Many of us eat it regularly. Some of us may even eat it daily. But, armed with the knowledge that this treat can cause serious health problems, many of us may wish we had not ever picked up a bag.

What symptoms should you look for?

If you are concerned that your consumption of microwave popcorn may have adversely impacted your health, you likely want to know what symptoms you should be on watch for. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obstructive lung disease is a chief concern. When a person suffers from this condition, the smallest airways in the person’s lungs (the bronchioles) become scarred and constricted. This blocks the movement of air through a person’s lungs.

People who are affected by constrictive bronchiolitis obliterans may experience:

  • coughing (usually without phlegm),
  • wheezing, and
  • worsening shortness of breath on exertion.

Some victims may also experience fever, night sweats, and weight loss.

The severity of a person’s symptoms can range from only a mild cough to a severe cough and shortness of breath. Usually, these symptoms develop gradually, but severe symptoms sometimes occur suddenly.

If you consume microwave popcorn, you should be on alert for these symptoms. Pay attention to your body and how it feels. If you notice these symptoms developing, you should contact your physician right away. You may need to receive care from a specialist with training in how to handle your health care issues.

Future lawsuits regarding microwave popcorn may be likely.

As more and more people discover that the symptoms they are experiencing could be linked to their consumption of microwave popcorn, the number of popcorn lung lawsuits may rise. Many consumers may have valid legal claims against the makers and distributors of microwave popcorn. It is anticipated that these consumers could pursue successful lawsuits to compensate them for their injuries.

Do you believe popcorn lung disease has affected you? Contact our Chicago personal injury attorneys.

If you are concerned that you have been injured after eating microwave popcorn, you may want to contact the Chicago personal injury attorneys at Ankin Law Office LLC. We will visit with you and let you know if we believe you have a valid claim. You may contact our attorneys by telephone at (312) 346-8780 or by email.

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