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How Images Can Help You Win Your Personal Injury Case [infographic]

Written by Ankin Law Office

Despite the specific circumstances of a motor vehicle accident, photographs can be invaluable in determining who’s at fault for the accident and who’s liable for injury and property damages.

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personal injury claim infographic


Photographing the Accident Scene

When a car crash occurs, photographs of the accident and injuries become important evidence in a lawsuit. Since car accidents often occur without warning, people involved in the accident and people who witness the accident are often traumatized and can’t recall important details. Photographs help to show details of the crash including road and traffic conditions, direction and impact of the crash, property damages, and physical injuries. Photos of a crash site can show how events took place and help to reconstruct the original scene of the accident. Images taken with cell phones, digital cameras, or video cameras can provide excellent photographic evidence of a crash site before it is altered.

When taking photos of a car collision, capturing important details that may not be noted in the police report can be beneficial. Although police reports are accurately detailed, they are only written reports based on verbal conversations with accident victims and/or witnesses. Photos are worth a thousand words and provide a big advantage in a personal injury lawsuit. Here are some helpful tips for taking photos:

  • Photograph all aspects of the accident including traffic and road conditions, traffic lights and signs, damages to the vehicles, damages to nearby property, and personal injuries, no matter how minor they may seem.
  • When capturing images, it’s best to take wide shots at a variety of angles to capture a complete view of the accident. This procedure will help to establish details of the accident scene.
  • If there are skid marks at the scene, photos should show the length and breadth of the skid marks. This can help to determine who is at fault for the accident.
  • All images should have a digital time stamp that reflects the date and the time.

If there are injuries from the accident, it’s essential to seek medical attention immediately. If a lawsuit occurs, medical evidence of injuries must be clearly and accurately documented by a licensed physician to recover damages in a lawsuit. When photographing personal injuries, the progression of all injuries should be documented as they develop, even those that show up later.

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