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Chicago, Illinois Sports-Related Head Injury Attorneys

Head Injuries in Children

Children and teenagers are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of sports-related head injuries. Because their heads and brains have not finished growing, traumatic brain injuries, such as concussions, can cause serious lifelong neurological problems.

Some reports have shown that kids who play hockey on teams that allow body-checking are three times more likely to sustain a concussion and other serious injuries than those who play in leagues that do not allow body-checking.

Sports-related head injuries in children often include concussions. A concussion is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head or body causes the head and brain to move rapidly back and forth.

The knowledgeable Chicago child head injury attorneys at Ankin Law Offices, LLC focus on representing the victims of sports-related head injuries, including children who have suffered a sports-related head injury. If your child has suffered a sports-related head injury, such as a concussion, do not hesitate to contact one of our skilled Chicago child brain injury attorneys to schedule a free consultation.

What to Do If Your Child Suffers a Sports-Related Head Injury

If you suspect that your child has suffered a head injury, such as a concussion, while playing sports, the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that you:

  1. Remove your child from the sports activity. Check for signs and symptoms of a concussion if your child has experienced a bump or blow to the head or body that may have caused the head to move suddenly back and forth. If there is any doubt about whether or not your child may have suffered a concussion or other head injury, remove your child from sports play.
  2. Seek medical attention as soon as possible. Because the signs and symptoms of a concussion and other sports-related head injuries are often difficult to detect, it is best to let a medical professional evaluate your child. You should not attempt to determine the severity of the head injury yourself.
  3. Keep your child out of sports play until a medical professional approves sports activities. Recovery after a concussion is a gradual process that should be carefully monitored by a doctor or other health care professional. If a child resumes play before he or she has adequately healed, the child is at the risk of suffering secondary impact syndrome (SIS). SIS can cause serious lasting neurological problems and should not be taken lightly. Accordingly, your child should not resume sports activities until a doctor or medical professional has approved sports play.

Common Causes of Sports-related Head Injuries

According to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, there were an estimated 446,788 sports-related head injuries in 2009. Some of the most common sports and recreational activities that cause head injuries, include:

  • Football
  • Baseball/Softball
  • Cycling
  • Basketball
  • Skateboarding/Scooters
  • Soccer

Children may experience some or all of the same concussion symptoms as adults, but they may also experience some of the following concussion symptoms:

  • Crying more than usual
  • Persistent headache
  • Behavioral changes
  • Eating and sleeping changes
  • More frequent tantrums
  • Lack of interest in their usual activities or favorite toys
  • Skills regression
  • Loss of balance or trouble walking
  • Difficulty concentrating

Free Consultation

If you or a loved one has suffered a sports-related concussion, contact the Chicago sports concussion lawyers at Ankin Law Offices to schedule a free consultation to discuss a possible cause of action to obtain compensation for the sports-related head injuries.