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Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Law Round-Up – February 22, 2013

Written by Ankin Law Office

Here’s what other personal injury and worker’s compensation lawyers have been talking about the week of February 22, 2013:

  • Hospital Medication Errors—What the Patient Doesn’t Know (Protect Patients Blog). New research reveals that hospital medication errors are more common than believed. Even more alarming is the fact that patients and their families may not even be told if they have been subjected to a medication error.
  • The Politics Behind Tort Reform (Tort Deform). Tort reform refers to legislative efforts to make it more difficult for plaintiffs to file lawsuits and/or to make it more difficult for plaintiffs to collect “meaningful” amounts of money in accident and injury lawsuits, such as medical malpractice lawsuits. This article explains the reasons why many Republicans are in favor of tort reform, and why the issue has become more about partisan politics than victim protection.
  • Temporary Employees Cannot Be Excluded From Workers’ Compensation (Workers’ Compensation Law Blog). Given the recent economic downtown, many employees are turning to temporary employment to pay the bills. Several questions arise regarding worker’s compensation rights for temporary employees. This article discusses a recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court holding that a temporary employee cannot be excluded from an employer’s worker’s compensation policy.
  • New Study on Long-Term Effects of TBI in Former Football Players (Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog). A new study out of the University of Texas at Dallas shows that former football players were more likely to suffer cognitive deficits and depression as they grew older than their non-football playing peers. This research could have a significant impact on current litigation between the NFL and former NFL players.
  • First of DePuy Hip Lawsuits Go to Trial (Drug Injury Lawyers Blog). The first defective medical device lawsuit over a DePuy hip implant recently went to trial. The plaintiff, Loren Kransky, is seeking damages for injuries he allegedly sustained from the defective hip replacement system. This article discusses the causes of action against DePuy, which is subject to thousands of other similar lawsuits.
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