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Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Law Round-Up – June 27, 2013

Written by Ankin Law Office

Here’s what other personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers were talking about the week of June 27, 2013:

  • Acknowledging a Mistake Made Her a Better Doctor  (Protect Patients Blog). This article talks about a new book by Dr. Danielle Ofri, in which she talks about a medical mistake that could have cost her patient her life had someone else not caught her error. In the book – “What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine” – Dr. Ofri interviews doctors about the emotional experiences that have shaped their career. Nearly all of the doctors interviewed remember a making a medical mistake that they kept to themselves. Dr. Ofri explains that the “shame of their errors—including the near misses—was potent, even decades later.” She says that we need to “attend to the culture of shame that surrounds medical error” in order to improve the delivery of medical care.
  • Distracted Walkers Are a Workplace Hazard (Worker’s Compensation Law Blog). The article’s author talks about the large number of people that he witnessed walking in the streets, distracted by their cellphones and ignoring traffic signals and motor vehicle traffic. He explains that we are quick to blame workers for causing accidents when they use cellphones, but that sometimes pedestrians “walk in front of vehicles oblivious to the world,” which can result in accidents and injuries.
  • Supreme Court to Injured People: “Get Off My Lawn!!!” Er, “Steps!!” (The Pop Tort). This article criticizes the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Mutual Pharmaceutical v. Bartlett, in which the Court held that a severely injured victim of a generic drug was entitled to no remedy whatsoever. Justice Sotomayor’s dissent blasted the majority for its decision, saying that the Court has used preemption law to protect corporations from liability exposure and eliminate traditional state tort remedies for injured plaintiffs.  
  • Banyan Biomarkers, Inc. Targets Protein Biomarkers to Detect Mild to Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury (Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog). Banyan Biomarkers recently announced that it is initiating a multi-center, clinical feasibility study to demonstrate the effectiveness of its protein biomarkers to detect mild or moderate traumatic brain injury. The study will test a panel of biomarkers in blood from several hundred patients suffering from mild or moderate traumatic brain injury. The U.S. Department of Defense is providing funding to Banyan Biomarkers to support the study, the results of which will be submitted to the FDA in preparation for an Investigational Device Exemption pivotal trial. The goal is to receive FDA approval for the biomarkers to be used as in vitro diagnostic blood tests for detecting mild to moderate brain injury.

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