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Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation Law Round-Up – March 19, 2013

Written by Ankin Law Office

Here’s what other personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers were talking about over the week of March 19, 2013:

  • How Tort Reform Continues to Victimize the Victims (Protect Patients Blog). This article set forth specific examples of the ways in which patients are the victims of tort reform. For example, a Texas woman who lost her legs as a result of medical malpractice is unable to be compensated for her loss of limbs and she is likely to be responsible for the legal bills of the defendants she sued for malpractice due to Texas tort reform.
  • Surprising Findings on Baby Boomers and Worker’s Compensation (Worker’s Compensation Law Blog). A new study explores the ways in which the increasing number of Baby Boomers in the workforce impacts worker’s compensation, including differences in injury rates between younger and older workers.
  • Why Suing Carnival Could Be a Waste (Wall Street Journal Law Blog). Various lawyers weigh in on whether Carnival could be held liable for the Triumph’s disaster at sea in February and, if so, how much liability exposure Carnival might have.
  • Daytona Crash, Spectator Injures and Assumption of Risk (New York Personal Injury Law Blog). This article discusses the liability that can stem from crashes like the one that recently occurred at the Daytona racetrack, in which several spectators were injured. Similar cases include those in which a spectator is injured by a foul ball at a baseball game or a hockey puck at a hockey game. The article examines whether the injured spectators may have a possible personal injury claim, or whether they assumed the risks that come along with sitting close to the racetrack, baseball field, or hockey rink.
  • The Brutality of Wisconsin’s Nursing Home “Tort Reform” Law (The Pop Tort). This article criticizes a new Wisconsin law that reduces a family’s ability to hold nursing home facilities liable for negligence as a result of a recent change in state law that prohibits records of abuse and neglect from use in the courts. Moreover, the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism has found that some nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are neglecting to report deaths and injuries as required by law.

If you would like any additional information regarding any of the above-listed articles, or would have been injured in a personal injury or workplace accident, contact the Chicago accident and injury law firm of Ankin Law Office, LLC to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled personal injury lawyers.

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