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Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie Guillen

Three minutes with Sox legend Ozzie Guillen

Ozzie: What we got to [inaudible] right now remember that Mattingly was a first baseman.

Question: You once scored on an in-field single to beat the New York Yankees.

Ozzie: Though Mattingly was one of a kind of guy who was in the game, he never missed anything. One of the best first base I ever see when I went through it. By the way, Jim Leyland was our third base coach, and everybody was surprised I keep going because the first thing I see was Mattingly taking the ball and look around and I just keep going to take the lead.

Question: What do you say to young players when they ask how you won the World Series?

Ozzie: I not did anything. I think the players did, I just put my little bit of passion, little bit of belief a little bit of my right hand, my shoulder to my players to did what they did. It wasn’t easy, it’s not easy, and the reason is why the Chicago team were so long one thing I will appreciate that. I say I will tell the kids, when you go to Chicago and play, it’s not an easy place to play but it’s more fun place to play.

Question: What is it about Chicago you love so much?

Ozzie: I live in Chicago, and when you put on the uniform you feel proud and you feel part of good thing happen, but when you win in Chicago — I think maybe because we’re not winning every decade, I think the people appreciate more you than any place else. And I feel proud of that. I feel proud because, first of all, I live in Chicago, I am going to die in Chicago, and the way the people treat me, my family, my friends from out of town, like, everybody, they can be in Spain watching bullfight and I tell people if you not went to Chicago yet, I don’t think you visit the United States.

Question: Given the choice between watching the Sox play the Cubs or watching a bullfight, what would you choose?

Ozzie: Oh my God, that’s a good question. I love bullfight, and watched Cubs, Sox in the past. And you telling me I have a date with my wife in the best restaurant in the world or watching bullfight, I tell my wife have fun in the restaurant. That’s the honest truth.

Question: Thanks so much for your time here today. We really hope to see you here in Chicago real soon.

Ozzie: Oh, sure. Anytime.