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Chicago Class Action Lawsuit Attorneys

Chicago is known for big business, and where big companies are involved, it can be challenging to fight injustice. Class action litigation makes it possible for ordinary citizens to fight for their rights even where large and powerful corporations are involved. In a class action lawsuit, multiple plaintiffs who are “similarly situated” group together to bring a common lawsuit. There are many different types of class action cases including employment claims, consumer protection, securities and investment fraud and many more.

Benefits of Class Action Lawsuits in Chicago

Large corporations have significant resources to defend against lawsuits. To protect their bottom lines, companies often employ teams of lawyers to represent them. Corporations employ tactics meant to exhaust the resources of their victims and the patience of opposing counsel. A single plaintiff’s case can easily break under such pressure. By filing a class action lawsuit, however, the potential recovery multiplies. Consequently, a law firm can better afford to proceed with a case to resolution. Additionally, companies are more likely to settle in class action lawsuits.

Disadvantages of Class Action Lawsuits in Chicago

Class actions are not suitable in all circumstances. When plaintiffs sign onto a class action they permanently waive their rights to individual civil action. Additionally, the lead plaintiff in a class action has most of the decision-making power for the group. Plaintiffs are bound to the terms of any settlement negotiated on their behalf.

If you have a case against a large company, a knowledgeable and experienced attorney can advise you on how to best proceed with your complaint. The Chicago-based attorneys at Ankin Law Office can evaluate your case and provide reasoned counsel on the best course of action. Contact us today to discuss your case at a free consultation.