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Slip and Fall at the Mall? Here’s Who May Be Liable for Damages

Written by Ankin Law Office

Slip and fall mall accidents and injuries caused by the negligent actions of another party can result in a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner.

Slip and Falls at the Mall

In busy shopping centers and malls, slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries to visitors and customers. Slip and falls happen suddenly without warning, but often result in serious injuries like cuts and bruises; twisted ankles; broken bones, hip fractures; neck and back slipped discs; and severe head trauma.

The crowded environment of a typical shopping mall seems to invite slips and falls due to a variety of common hazards, including:

  • Heavily waxed or polished floors
  • Spilled food and drinks
  • Fast-moving escalators
  • Uneven or damaged stair treads
  • Tripping hazards (cables and extension cords)
  • Poor of faulty lighting

Falls on escalators can cause severe injury or death for small children. Due to motorized parts, interlocking steps, and moving handrails, children often suffer facial lacerations, scalp and hair loss, broken bones, and amputated fingers and hands. If the escalator suddenly stops or reverses direction, children can easily fall forwards or backward without warning.

In Chicago area shopping malls, slip and falls also occur outside the mall in parking lots, garages, and on walkways due to snow and ice that accumulates during overnight freezing temperatures. When customers fall on hard slippery concrete or tile surfaces, Chicago slip and fall attorneys often witness concussions, severe head trauma, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs).

Property Owners are Liable

Shopping mall owners have a legal duty to provide a safe environment for their invited guests and customers. When slip and fall accidents happen,  property owners can be held liable for injuries under premises liability laws. Liability for owners may include expenses for hospital and/or medical bills; reimbursement of lost wages due to forced time off from work; property damages for items lost or damaged; and pain and suffering for emotional distress caused by injuries.

When a slip and fall at the local mall results in injuries, a Chicago slip and fall attorney can file a premises liability lawsuit against the mall’s owner. However, state laws require a claim or lawsuit to be filed in an Illinois court within 2 years from the date of the accident. In many cases, slip and fall settlement agreements are worked out between slip and fall attorneys and insurance companies and settled out of court.


Categories: Premises Liability